Budimex Nieruchomości with new investors

Pursuant to the agreement concluded on 22 February 2021, on 24 May 2021 the title to Budimex Nieruchomości Shares was transferred to CP Developer S.ar.l. with its registered office in Luxembourg.

New members of the Supervisory Board of Budimex S.A.

On 20 May 2021, the Ordinary General Meeting of Budimex S.A. passed resolutions to appoint new members of the Supervisory Board of Budimex S.A. Pursuant to the above resolutions, the following persons became members of the Supervisory Board: Dariusz Blocher and Ignacio Aitor Garcia Bilbao

Budimex with a contract for the Suchowoli ring road

Budimex signed a contract with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Branch in Białystok, for the implementation of the project and construction of the Suchowoli ring road in the Podlaskie Voivodeship. As part of the investment worth over PLN 249 million, 15 kilometres of the route will be created along national road no. 8.

Ingka Centres teamed up with Budimex to start construction work at the Ulrich Gardens. Opening as early as in 2022

Ingka Centres has signed a contract with Budimex, the general contractor for the construction works of the historic Ulrich Gardens complex in Warsaw. The works will take about 12 months. In the summer of 2022, the revitalised Gardens will reopen, creating an innovative, ecological space of rest and recreation for all Varsovians.

Budimex completed works at the Rother’s Mills complex in Bydgoszcz

In April 2021, Budimex completed works at the Rother’s Mills complex. The subject of the contract with the City of Bydgoszcz was the performance of construction works consisting in the reconstruction, extension and change of the manner of use of the Rother’s Mills, the Grain Granary, the Flour Granary and the Baths for the needs of a multifunctional service facility. The usable area of the investment amounted to 12,844.84 m2.

A three-dimensional pedestrian crossing was created in Częstochowa

Another three-dimensional pedestrian crossing in Poland was created in Częstochowa, as part of the Hello ICE programme – Budimex programme for children. After Bartoszyce, Lesznowola, Miechów and Sanok, Częstochowa is the fifth city in the country, which will test the popular solution, improving the safety of pedestrians on the road. 3D pedestrian crossings in Częstochowa are just the beginning of similar 2021 investments. In the following months, 3D pedestrian crossings are to be built in at least five locations.

Budimex organises the “Crazy about Construction” competition

The construction knowledge competition called “Crazy about Construction” (in Polish: “Zakręceni w budownictwo”), which is organised by Budimex together with 5 student research circles, has been launched. The competition aims to integrate students with the construction industry. It will finish on 14 May.

Modernisation of LK7 Warsaw – Lublin wins TOP Builder 2021 award

Budimex has won the TOP Builder award for the modernisation of Railway Line No. 7 between Otwock and Nałęczów. Top Builder is one of the most prestigious awards in the Polish construction market. This year the competition jury, led by Prof. Leonard Runkiewicz, PhD, from the Warsaw University of Technology and Danuta Burzyńska, the editor-in-chief of Builder monthly, have chosen the modernisation of LK7 between Otwock and Nałęczów by Budimex in 2017–2021 as one of the 62 essential construction projects in Poland.

Commentary by Budimex SA CEO Dariusz Blocher to Q1 Financial Results

Commentary of the President of the Management Board of Budimex SA, Dariusz Blocher, on selected financial data from the financial statements of the Budimex Group for 2020.

First Parent Zone This Year Delivered!

Young patients of the hospital Wojewódzki Szpital Zespolony im. Jędrzeja Śniadeckiego in Białystok and their guardians can spend their time together in new colourful rooms.

Budimex Completes Construction of Two S3 Sections in Zachodniopomorskie Province

On 27 April 2021, Budimex completed the construction of two sections of the S3 expressway: Brzozowo-Miękowo and Miękowo-Rzęśnica in the Zachodniopomorskie Province. The traffic between Miękowo and Rzęśnica has continued since June last year – the general contractor has just finalised the last finishing works designed to fully adapt this section to expressway parameters.

 First Electrical Bulldozer Works on S19 Via Carpatia

The first bulldozer equipped with a direct electric drive has started operating on Budimex construction sites. This modern machine is quiet, more environmentally friendly and more efficient.

 Current Vice-President Artur Popko To Lead the Budimex Group

The Vice-President of Budimex, Artur Popko, was appointed by the Supervisory Board the President of the Management Board and the CEO of Budimex SA. He will take over the function on 20 May 2021.

 Contract for Construction of Waterway to Connect Vistula Lagoon with Gulf of Gdańsk

On Tuesday, 20 April 2021, the Maritime Office in Gdynia and Budimex SA as the contractor signed a construction agreement for project “Construction of a Waterway to Connect the Vistula Lagoon with the Gulf of Gdańsk – Part II.”

 Budimex to Vaccinate Employees with Families

Budimex joins the National Immunisation Programme where the country’s major employers have an opportunity to organise vaccination for their staff regardless of the schedule by year of birth by the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ). Budimex intends to vaccinate all of its employees along with their families against SARS-CoV-2. The company is planning to vaccinate a total of 25,000 people. The vaccinations will be voluntary. Right now employees are submitting their declarations.

 Social Activities of Budimex Awarded by Responsible Business Forum

Ten CSR initiatives of Budimex were recognised by the Responsible Business Forum and published in the report “Responsible Business in Poland 2020. Good practices”.

 Budimex to Construct a Sixteen-Kilometre Section of the Tri-City Metropolitan Bypass

On 16 April 2021, Budimex and the Gdańsk Branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Highways signed a contract for the construction of another section of S6 expressway, under the project entitled “Construction of the Tri-City Metropolitan Bypass divided into two parts: Part 1: Construction of the Tri-City Metropolitan Bypass. Task 1: Chwaszczyno junction (without the junction) – Żukowo junction (without the junction)”.

Budimex made its debut in the Łukasiewicz Innovator index

On April 12, Budimex made its debut in the Łukasiewicz INNOVATOR index, created by the joint-stock companies that develop their potential in cooperation with the Polish scientific sector.

Budimex invites its employees to participate in "Budimagedon"

There is no need to convince anyone that sports activity is extremely important for maintaining physical and mental health. However, despite the widespread awareness, the reason most often mentioned by Poles to lead a passive lifestyle is the lack of motivation, which has recently been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is why Budimex decided to activate its employees by inviting them to sports competitions as part of "Budimagedon".

Advanced work is underway in the SAFEWAY project

Implementation of the SAFEWAY project (eng. Safe way) Budimex SA started in September 2018. It is a project financed by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 program. The project involves the creation of an online platform based on a geographic information system (GIS) used to process and distribute the data among public administration authorities, infrastructure managers, passengers and transport companies – all of the users of such transport networks as roads, railways, airports and seaports. The implementation of the planned 10 task packages will take 42 months and end in 2022. Budimex SA, as a partner of Ferrovial Construction, is taking part in four of them.