Elocity and Budimex join forces, will deliver new charging stations for EVs

Electromobility in Poland is developing dynamically and more companies decide to join the pioneers of green transport. One of them is Budimex, which is now entering an industry that has been uncharted by it, but in the company of an experienced business partner, Elocity.

Progress in the construction of the railway bridge over the Regalica

Construction of a new railway bridge over the Regalica River in Szczecin is underway. The first structural elements of the new rail crossing of the river can already be seen. Budimex has been working on the project for several months on behalf of Państwowe Gospodarstwo Wodne Wody Polskie Regionalny Zarząd Gospodarki Wodnej (The Polish Waters State Water Management, Regional Water Management Authority in Szczecin) and PKP PLK.

New traffic arrangement at the Central Railway Station in Rzeszów

The large project of building the Rzeszów Traffic Hub has been launched. In order to facilitate the required construction work and complete it sooner, it has been coordinated with the city authorities of Rzeszów to change the traffic arrangement near the Central Railway Station of the city for 30 days, starting from Thursday, 5 May 2022.


Comment by Artur Popko - President of Budimex, on financial data for Q1 of 2022

The first quarter of 2022 was a difficult period for Budimex Group, the construction market and the whole world. The outbreak of war in Ukraine significantly affected most sectors of our economy. The construction industry is one of the sectors most strongly affected by the consequences of the conflict outside our Eastern border. The most important factors affecting our sector are the drastic increase in the prices of materials, particularly steel and oil, as well as the outflow of workers from Ukraine.

Budimex signs a memorandum concerning a joint nuclear project in Poland

Budimex S.A. and the American Bechtel Corporation have signed a memorandum concerning the possibility of a joint nuclear reactor construction in Poland.

The Cornerstone of the Pszczyna Cultural Centre

On April 21 (Thursday), Budimex and the investor (Pszczyna Town Hall) incorporated the cornerstone into the foundations of the Pszczyna Cultural Centre, currently under construction.

Budimex Wins the Top Builder Prize for a PKN Orlen Project

Budimex has won the prestigious Top Builder Prize for building PKN Orlen’s R&D Centre in Plock. On April 20 (Wednesday), the jury selected the most innovative and high-quality products in the Polish construction industry. The event took place at the Warsaw Olympic Centre.

Another ‘Home Straight from the Heart’ interior design is ready!

As a part of the second edition of ‘Home Straight from the Heart’, Budimex & Partners is building a fully-functional turnkey home for a family of eight from the town of Brusy located in the Pomeranian voivodship. The construction of the exterior and interior alike is in full swing! The interior designs are ready, and our sponsors are delivering the necessary equipment.

Budimex at the Polish Construction Congress – invitation

Budimex invites you to attend the Polish Construction Congress. A session with the participation of Artur Popko – Budimex SA Chief Executive Officer – will take place on the second day of the Congress: 13 April, between 9:30 – 11:15

Budimex and KZN Rail to expand the tram depot in Olsztyn

On Tuesday, 5 April, we signed an agreement with the Olsztyn municipality for the expansion of the tram depot at 40 Kołobrzeska Street in Olsztyn. The contract will be carried out in consortium with KZN Rail Sp. z o.o. Budimex is the leader of the consortium, with a contribution of approximately 87.88%.

Completion of an important stage of the Port of Gdynia railway junction modernisation

In March, Budimex completed the first stage of works related to the alteration of the Port of Gdynia railway junction. The primary objective of the project is to improve the throughput of this strategic railway junction and increase the volume of cargo. Budimex has already completed more than 55% of all works covered by the contract.

Budimex will build 8 km of a new tram line in Warsaw

It is the most important tramway investment in Warsaw. In less than two years, the residents of the capital will travel the route from Wilanów to Śródmieście in less than 30 minutes.

The Aleksander Węgierko Drama Theatre in Białystok is undergoing modernisation

The Aleksander Węgierko Drama Theatre in Białystok is undergoing intensive renovation works. The modernisation of the institution is one of the most important cultural investments of the Podlaskie Voivodeship in recent years.

Polfa Tarchomin and Budimex complete the first stage of the oncology drugs factory

Budimex is currently completing the first of the planned two stages of the construction of a new production building and installations concerning a new lyophilisation unit, production of Highly Potent Drugs and R&D laboratory together with equipment, commissioned by the Investor – TZF Polfa S.A. in Tarchomin. The facility will have three main purposes, i.e. production of sterile forms, and laboratories for research and development (R&D) and quality control (QC). The investment is being carried out in BIM technology. The completion date of the works carried out by Budimex (Stage I – building without windows and doors) is planned for the end of April 2022.

The progress of the works on the second stage of construction of the Vistula Sandbar Channel

Currently, as part of the investment, Budimex, the contractor in Stage 2, is performing hydrotechnical works, including: driving of sheet pile walls, demolition of the existing bank reinforcement and water cleaning, and micro-piling. Reinforced concrete works are also in progress as part of bridge abutments and shore reinforcement.

Progress of the construction on the Warszawa Zachodnia train station

The works on Warszawa Zachodnia are one of the largest investments by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A., of over PLN 1.9 billion net. The project is implemented under POIiŚ 5.1-13, entitled: “Works on the Warsaw cross-city line between Warszawa Wschodnia and Warszawa Zachodnia”.  The works began in December 2020. The construction is scheduled for completion in 2023.

Budimex Recognised as the Construction Company of the Year

Budimex was awarded the title of the Construction Company of the Year by the jury of the Infrastructure and Construction Diamonds competition. The nominees included other general contractors: Mirbud, Unibep, PORR and Strabag.

Budimex wins the ‘Build Safely’ competition

The construction of the new power unit at Turów Power Station won the Build Safely competition. The project was thus recognised as the safest construction site in Poland. The competition is organised on a regular basis by the National Labour Inspectorate, and its partner is the Agreement for Safety in Construction. The contractor for the development was a consortium of Budimex, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe and Tecnicas Reunidas.

Special support for workers from Ukraine

We are in contact with all our employees from Ukraine. All of them have been offered help, including financial and organisational support for their families staying in Ukraine and bringing their families to Poland. Our employees from Ukraine have also received an offer of support in accommodating their relatives in Poland

Commentary of Artur Popko, President of Budimex SA, on the financial results for 2021

We are satisfied with the results achieved in 2021. Despite difficult market conditions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and rising prices of key materials, the Group’s gross profit in continuing operations (i.e. construction and services) increased from PLN 427 million in 2020 to PLN 554 million in 2021, while profitability improved from 5.5% to 7.0%. Such a good result is due to an improvement in the result of the construction part, and as a the result of settlement of transactions between the construction and development segments in the amount of PLN 68 million, following the sale of Budimex Nieruchomości.