Transport Technical Supervision office building already commissioned

News date: March 16, 2020
Transport Technical Supervision office building already commissioned

Nineteen storeys, over 15,000 sq.m of usable space and a two-level underground car park. Budimex has completed the construction of a new multi-functional office and service facility in Warsaw's Mokotów district. The investor is the Transport Technical Supervision.


The construction of the building located at the intersection of ul. Puławska and ul. Bukowińska in Warsaw began in October 2016. The skyscraper consists of several interconnected segments that are joined by a light grey, three-dimensional façade made of prefabricated concrete slabs.


“The completed investment perfectly reflects the Budimex project implementation standards, combining functionality, quality and visual aspects. The modern design of the project is expressed in the body of the building, which is divided into two parts. The first, lower part is a five-storey podium housing the conference and office facilities. The upper part of the building is a 55 m, nineteen-floor tower with hotel rooms (from the 7th floor) featuring an impressive panoramic view of Warsaw’s skyline,” says Artur Popko, Vice-resident of Budimex SA. Under the entire building is also a two-storey underground car park with 121 parking places. The total area of the building is almost 24,000 m2, while its total volume is 90,885 m3.


“What's more, the original investment project design documentation was prepared over 5 years ago, but in order to meet the investor's expectations, we proposed alternative solutions that meet the standards for 2021. In particular, this included the sanitary system, telecom + IT network and the automation system,” adds Artur Popko. Despite these circumstances, the investment was completed within the contractual time limit.


Unique design

Special attention should be paid to the interesting solutions used during the investment implementation, such as the use of architectural concrete. While normally concrete elements are subject to further finishing treatment, the curtain walls of the Transport Technical Supervision building are designed using aesthetic standards such that they require no further finishing. To complete the work, we had to choose the right concrete mix and use dedicated formwork. “Quality, repeatability and scope of work were innovative elements of this project. To confirm the correctness of the technology, ten test concreting processes were carried out. Not only was a special, unique formwork installation method developed, but a whole system of joining and selecting formwork elements and chemical agents,” says Marcin Mastalerz, Budimex Site Manager.


Fast work pace and work safety

During the project, the contractor used self-climbing formwork to construct the reinforced concrete curtain walls. Compared to the traditional system, in which workers have to assemble and disassemble the formwork elements in order to move the formwork, the self-climbing formwork makes work at heights safer. “The solution enabled us to move the formwork vertically in a more efficient manner, without the use of a tower crane, and the building element concreting cycles were carried out faster,” says Marcin Mastalerz. In addition, since there was no need to disassemble and reassemble the formwork, no storage area for the self-climbing formwork was required at the construction site.

Budimex, as a construction industry leader, has completed many investment projects for the business and public building sector. The most important projects implemented by the company include the modern .BIG office building, the headquarters of the Customs Chamber in Kraków, the building of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin and the ecological PIXEL office building in Poznań, which won the “Budowa Roku” (Construction Project of the Year) award.