Topping out ceremony at the Non-Invasive Medicine Centre in Gdańsk

News date: May 8, 2017
Topping out ceremony at the Non-Invasive Medicine Centre in Gdańsk

The ceremony was attended by the representatives of the authorities of the Gdańsk Medical University, of Budimex, together with the President of the Board, Dariusz Blocher, of the Arch-Deco studio - the author of the design, and by the Minister of Health, Konstanty Radziwiłł.


Construction of the NIMC is divided into two phases due to the need to relocate part of clinics from demolished buildings in order to retrieve space for the second stage of construction. Execution of the first phase is the period of 2015-2018 and includes erecting buildings B, C and D with a total area of 58,138 m2 and an internal volume of 237,206 m3. The second phase is the period of 2018-2020. During this time, the building A is to be erected, with an area of 31,717 m2 and an internal volume of 140,802 m3.


Phase 1 is being executed as scheduled. Construction work is still underway at the core & shell stage of phase 1 (buildings B, C, D). Works on the reinforced concrete structure of the building will be completed by the end of April 2017. Five bunkers for accelerators located in the basements of Building D have already been constructed. Successively (starting from the underground floor), some installation works are carried out: assembly of ventilation ducts, water and sewage pipes, laying of cables and wires for electrical and telecommunication installations. Steel structures of the technical floor are being installed on the roofs of Buildings D and C, as well as partition walls are erected and flooring bases are poured. By the end of 2017, facade and roofing will be completed, and interior finishing will be continued. In the current year, steel structures of two connectors leading to the building of the Invasive Medicine Centre are planned to be constructed.


The Non-Invasive Medicine Center is a complex of four interconnected U-shaped buildings, A, B, C, connected by three connectors from the Invasive Medicine Centre and Building D, located at the site of the former Building 18 (on the other side of the dual carriageway). Building D is to be connected with Building C with a connector. Seven floors, including one underground floor, is to accommodate 688 beds (excluding recovery rooms, daily care wards outside the internal medicine ward).


Funds for the construction of the hospital come primarily from the state budget, where PLN 594 million were reserved for this purpose. Construction and providing the equipment is expected to cost approx. PLN 600 million.