The progress of works at the A4 motorway

News date: November 27, 2015
The progress of works at the A4 motorway

Budimex, in consortium with Strabag, continues the construction of a 41.2-kilometre section of the A4 motorway from Rzeszów (Rzeszów Wschód interchange) to Jarosław (Jarosław Zachód [previously Wierzbna] interchange).
The following works from the scope of the previous contractor are to be executed:

  • construction of two motorway interchanges, i.e. Łańcut and Przeworsk,
  • construction of four rest areas (Łukawiec, Palikówka, Budy and Młyniska),
  • reconstruction of 15 cross roads,
  • construction of 73 km of service roads,
  • finishing of 78 bridges (14 overbridges, 20 underbridges , 41 culverts and 3 underpasses,
  • construction of storm water drainage with a system of storage reservoirs, and reconstruction of drainage ditches,
  • installation of 6 km of acoustical barriers, 142 km of crash barriers and 92 km of fences.

The works advancement status – November 2015:
The works are continued on all of the work fronts at the Rzeszów?Jarosław section of the A4 motorway. The following was already completed: 63% of pavement from stone mastic asphalt (SMA), 87% of pavement from asphalt concrete with high stiffness modulus, 93% of road base from asphalt concrete with high stiffness modulus and 99% road base from mechanically crushed stone aggregate material.
In a part of the roadwork sites, works are conducted in relation to:

  • embankment sloping,
  • shoulders,
  • paving works at cross roads and rest areas,
  • topsoiling on slopes and in the median strip,
  • access zones from openwork slabs,
  • assembly of fencing,
  • installation of crash barriers,
  • foundations and posts for acoustical barriers,
  • traffic marks,
  • the final structural course on the main route, i.e. the stone mastic asphalt (SMA).

The following earthworks and construction works are conducted at the access roads:

  • road base from mechanically crushed stone aggregate material 99%
  • road base from asphalt concrete with a high stiffness modulus: 93%
  • asphalt concrete with a high stiffness modulus: 87%
  • the stone mastic asphalt (SMA) pavement: 63%

The following works are conducted at bridges:

  • concreting of cone sole plates,
  • rectification of bearings,
  • laying of the footpath pavement,
  • laying of the asphalt binder course and the stone mastic asphalt (SMA),
  • revetment of cones with prefabricated elements,
  • installation of kerbs and cornices,
  • anticorrosion protection of concrete surfaces of the deck,
  • installation of traffic safety equipment.

Simultaneously, trade works are conducted that include construction of drainage ditch revetments, installation of lighting and the work on the telecom and IT networks.
The contract for continuation of construction of the A4 motorway at the Rzeszów (Rzeszów Wschód interchange) – Jarosław (Jarosław Zachód -–Wierzbna interchange) section along with the necessary utilities, structures and technical facilities was signed on 16 September 2014. The net value of the contract is PLN 584.9 million. The consortium of Budimex (the leader, 50 per cent) and Strabag will have 14 months to complete the project, counting from the day of signing the contract (winter periods were excluded from the time for completion, i.e. 2 times 3 months from 15 December to 15 March).