The building shell of the House of the Heart 2 in Brusy is completed

News date: January 18, 2022
The building shell of the House of the Heart 2 in Brusy is completed

The building shell of the House of the Heart 2 in Brusy is completed. Interior designs will be ready in a few weeks. Budimex is building a turnkey house for a family of 8 from Brusy in Pomeranian Voivodeship. This will be the second house to be built for a large family living in difficult economic conditions which is funded by the construction industry.


The first company to appear on the construction site was ATUT RENTAL, which provided temporary fencing and power generators for the construction period.  With this help, we were able to start construction work on the House of the Heart in Brusy on 20 December 2021, which began with the installation of window frames. Windows were donated by DRUTEX, which was one of the first companies to support the initiative of Budimex. ‘Helping people is in our blood. Ever since Drutex was established, it has been involved in social life by supporting various events and charity campaigns. For us, helping others is simply a healthy habit. Our experience shows that the saying “the more you give, the more you get” is true’, says Leszek Gierszewski, the founder and president of DRUTEX S.A. The window frames were installed by STOLTMANN, a local family business.


When Budimex arrived, there was a building shell with the roof structure and boarding. When it comes to finishing works on the roof and laying tiles, the project was supported by CREATON. ‘Responsibility is inextricably linked with the philosophy and mission of CREATON Polska. It is the responsibility for our products, employees, the environment and the world around us. This is why CREATONPolska decided to join the House of the Heart initiative and gladly supports the construction of a house for Iwona, Krzysztof and their children. We are proud to participate in this noble initiative which can change their life. We are perfectly aware of how important it is to feel safe, which is guaranteed by having your own hame’,explains Rafał Ziółtkowski, Commercial and Technical Advisor of CREATON Polska.


One of the first companies to get involved in the project was KELLER. ‘We decided to participate in the House of the Heart initiative for several reasons. Firstly, we believe that it is a good cause and that by working with other companies we can change someone’s life for the better. Secondly, corporate social responsibility is important for us and we want to take care of the surroundings in which we work. Thirdly, as we say in our company, “life is happening on Keller’s land”. Our work is not very visible, so now we want to help build strong foundations for the life of a family in need’, says Magdalena Flakiewicz from Keller.


Modern and economical solutions

Budimex pays particular attention to making sure that the house for Iwona and Krzysztof has eco-friendly solutions to lower the running costs. This need was met by DAIKIN, a company which will equip the house with a heat pump and a photovoltaic system. The PV system will be chosen and installed by experts from SunSol, a company from Gdańsk.  ‘At SunSol, we believe that the most precious thing is giving help out of a heartfelt need, especially to those who need such help the most. The provision of a safe and eco-friendly house is consistent with my life mission and the vision of SunSol. Our participation in the project means that we will choose and install a photovoltaic system on the house of Iwona and Krzysztof for free’, comments Michał Kitkowski, President of the Management Board of SunSol.


We’re acting together again!

Old friends once again declared that they want to participate in the second edition of the House of the Heart project. FBSerwis offered to help us develop the space around the house. ‘We are happy that as a company from Budimex Group we can once again support the House of the Heart charity initiative. As a committed and socially responsible company, which acts for the benefit of local communities, we are sure that such initiatives are very important and needed. We hope that in cooperation with other project partners, we will manage to fulfil the dream of Iwona and Krzysztof, who want to have their own house. No dream can be more beautiful than to create a safe place for children, in which they will have a chance to explore and develop their passions’, says Ferdynand Waliszewski, Director of the Infrastructure Maintenance Division and a member of the Management Board of FBSerwis S.A.


It is also the second time the iSowa Foundation has joined our project. ‘At our foundation, we focus on actions which improve the education of children, young people and adults. We want the children of Iwona and Krzysztof to smile. This is why we decided to install a magic carpet in their new home. It is an interactive educational device which can be used for exercises, games and physical activities for children’, says Monika Chról, Social Director of Sowa Foundation.


We will also once again be supported by Blue Energy, a company which will give the family some IT equipment. ‘We are involved in a range of charity initiatives, so we immediately decided to participate in the 2nd edition of the #HouseoftheHeart project. Just like in the first edition, we are glad to make a contribution. We are happy that in cooperation with other partners, we can improve the life of Iwona and Krzysztof. It is a worthy initiative’, says Michał Borucki, President of the Management Board of Blue Energy.


The completion of the building shell is approaching – what’s next?

In the next weeks, interior designs will be completed and equipment provided by sponsors will be delivered to the house. Experts from Castorama Polska are already working on designs of the bathrooms and the kitchen that will meet the family’s needs. Castorama will not only design, but also equip these rooms and provide materials to finish the floors in the whole house. Modern, functional and top-quality lighting in the House of the Heart will be provided by SIGMA POLSKA. With the help of MAGNAT, the house will become colourful on the inside and on the outside. Children’s rooms will be furnished by Meblik, a company with a factory in Brusy. ‘We became involved in the House of the Heart project because children’s needs have accompanied us ever since our company was established. Meblik manufactures furniture for children and young people. We have been helping children for many years and now it is time to help a family from Brusy by furnishing their rooms with our products’, says Bartłomiej Myzyk, Sales Director of Meblik.


You can follow the progress of the construction and furnishing of the house on the website www.domzserca.pl (available in Polish). The website includes information about similar initiatives undertaken by Budimex and other companies – our Partners in this project.