Security combined with AI won the Budimex Startup Challenge

News date: December 17, 2021
Security combined with AI won the Budimex Startup Challenge

The jury of the Budimex Startup Challenge competition has selected the winners of the rivalry between young companies operating in the energy, IT and environmental protection sectors, which commenced in November. The Budimex Startup Challenge was won by Surveily, a company that provides a video surveillance system for OHS supplemented with artificial intelligence (AI).


This startup provides technology for real-time monitoring of employee behaviour and the equipment they use to protect employees from accidents.


“Budimex has been supporting innovation for years. We are aware that all, even the best ideas, need support and then implementation, which is the most difficult challenge for young entrepreneurs during the ‘incubation’ period of young companies. At the same time, we place environmental protection and human health at the heart of our business. This contest combined both these directions.” - says Artur Pielech - Member of the Management Board of Budimex SA - President of FB Serwis.


Syntoil ranked second. The company cleans carbon black (contaminated soot) from used tyres to technical carbon black. Syntoil recovers valuable resources and reduces fossil fuel consumption, waste generation and carbon dioxide emissions.


We have opted for companies from several areas - says Przemysław Kuśmierczyk - Head of Innovation Office at Budimex SA, “These are power engineering, reduction of carbon footprint, effective waste management, closed-cycle economy technologies, short-term and long-term energy storage, generation of electricity and heat from RES, and any other ecological solutions which may bring benefits to the construction industry," says Przemysław Kuśmierczyk.


The third place went to ReS Solution, a technology company operating in the broadly defined IoT sector. The company deals with the creation of specialised IT systems based on AI or Machine Learning, rapid prototyping or 3D printing.


In November 2021 Budimex invited nearly 40 startups to the competition. From among the submitted projects, the jury picked the 10 most interesting. The prizes for the winners are of a financial nature - a total pool of over PLN 100 thousand, but also of a strategic one. Budimex will intend to establish capital cooperation with the selected finalists.


The jury also decided to award two companies: Born Electric and Optimolight. What distinguishes them? Born Electric (BE) provides design, manufacturing and consulting services. It develops prototypes of electronic, electrical or mechanical devices. Optimolight is a producer of intelligent lighting systems for buildings. Thanks to its autonomously controlled intelligent illumination, it optimises lighting in office spaces - standard and open-plan, production and warehouse halls, underground and above-ground car parks, exhibition spaces, car showrooms and others. The use of OptIMo products saves up to 70% of electricity consumption costs, contributing to environmental protection and reducing light pollution.