Santa Claus-themed Parent Zone opens in Płock!

News date: December 4, 2019
Santa Claus-themed Parent Zone opens in Płock!

Budimex has been creating comfortable spaces for children and their caretakers at hospitals throughout Poland for over 6 years. Parent Zones are places that young patients can use to relax, meet with their family members and have fun outside of the confines of their hospital rooms. As part of this initiative, amenities such as kitchen facilities for preparing meals, safe playing areas, as well as separate places for meetings with loved ones are also added to paediatric wards. ‘Ensuring the good health and safety of children is a top priority for our company in regard to social activities. We have managed to create as many as thirty-two Parent Zones in Polish hospitals since 2013. Years later and we can clearly see the impact that these facilities have had on the situation at those medical facilities taking care of the youngest patients,’ said Aldona Orłowski, Recruitment, Director of the Development and Communication Office at Budimex S.A.


The latest Parent Zone has been established at the Regional Polyclinical Hospital in Płock. At the hospital’s paediatric ward, the children can now use a dedicated 50 sqm playroom inspired by African savannah themes. The young patients can also climb a small structure resembling a treehouse, as well take advantage of a dedicated drawing and free-play area while the parents can have a moment to themselves in a comfortable corner with soft armchairs and a mini-library. ‘The Płock Parent Zone is situated in the public lobby. Expanding beyond the paediatric ward itself gave us several more arrangement options. This is the first Parent Zone in the programme’s history in which we were allowed to use live plants – with the hospital's consent, of course. Although this is unusual in medical facilities, we managed to make it work. Thanks to this, our new Parent Zone feels even more like home, which makes detachment from tedious hospital routines all the easier,’ said Martyna Chmielewska, the Parent Zone’s designer. A place for children to play and relax is not the only type of support that the hospital received as part of the programme, however. Budimex also decided to equip the waiting room of the paediatric outpatient clinic and the emergency room with soft seats, children's tables and drawing boards. ‘We are very grateful for this enormous support. Thousands of children will use the Parent Zone and our new, comfortable waiting rooms every year. Offering such comfortable conditions to both the parents and the patients will not only help limit the inconvenience of hospitalisation, but it will also minimise the stress during one-time visits and check-ups,’ said Marek Budny, Acting Deputy Director for Health Care at the Regional Polyclinical Hospital in Płock.


The grand opening of the 32nd Parent Zone took place on 4 December. It was a special day, as apart from celebrating the opening of the new space, some special guests also visited the patients, i.e. Darek Wardziak – the Programme Ambassador – as well as Santa Claus himself, who distributed gifts to the young patients staying on the ward. As always, volunteers from Budimex assisted with the final space arrangement works and played the role of Santa's little helpers. The children received books and toys provided by Budimex employees. ‘We are happy that we could help put smiles on the faces of suffering children,’ said Artur Adamus, Contract Director at Budimex S.A.

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