PM Opens Częstochowa Orbital Motorway

News date: December 23, 2019
PM Opens Częstochowa Orbital Motorway

On 23 December, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk took part in the opening of Częstochowa Orbital Motorway, constructed by a consortium composed of Budimex, Strabag and Budpol.

Prime Minister Morawiecki summarised the completion of the investment as: “Some media organisations said it would be a ‘miracle’ if this ring road ever opened. We know that miracles do happen, when backed by hard work.”

The consortium took over the investment in the spring of this year, after the investor terminated its contract with the previous contractor. “After an unreliable contractor left the construction site, the new contractors worked seven days a week and managed to complete the investment in an exemplary manner,” said Minister Adamczyk, in expressing his satisfaction. The Minster thanked the consortium for completing the construction of the ring road.  “We would like to see all road engineering projects in Poland completed this way,” he added.

Thanks to the completion of the nearly 20 km long Częstochowa Orbital Motorway in as little as 5 months, the drivers of cars and trucks can now bypass Częstochowa using the main A1 motorway, connected through grade separation with National Road 1, which is currently being expanded.


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