Hospital in Siedlce for Budimex

News date: April 3, 2017
Hospital in Siedlce for Budimex

The object of the project comprises construction of a modern, full-scope oncology center at the Masovian Regional Hospital in Siedlce. The investment is carried out as “design and build”. Moreover, land development components around the building and the technical infrastructure will be reconstructed. Some of the medical equipment will also be supplied.


The hospital, shaped as three cuboids, four floor high and a fifth half-floor for technical purposes will be connected with the main complex of buildings via an underground tunnel. The usable area of the center is approximately 6,000 sq. m. The investment is planned to be completed in May 2018.


The scope assigned to Budimex constitutes 66% of the project value and equals to PLN 36,902,294.03. The partners Vamed Polska sp. z o.o. and Vamed Engineering GmbH will perform works valued at PLN 19,010,272.68.