Construction of the Transport Centre in Kielce is almost complete

News date: May 28, 2020
Construction of the Transport Centre in Kielce is almost complete

Progress is now over 90% for the construction of the Kielce Transport Centre. Finishing works are currently underway on all structures in the centre.


Decorative elements have been installed on the roofs of all levels of the bus station. Flooring and street furniture are being installed inside the station and in the square in front of it. The ticket offices and technical rooms of the station building are being finished. Over 100 people are working at the construction site every day. The first acceptances by the supervision staff have already begun. More than 180 subcontractors have been involved in the project.


“In June, we should receive components for over 40 LED displays from China; their delivery has been delayed due to COVID-19 epidemiological restrictions in China. We need about a month to install them. The transport centre should be completed within the contract deadline postponed by two months, by the end of August 2020,” said Grzegorz Tomporowski – Contract Manager at Budimex SA.


The modernization of the transport centre began in September 2018. The investor is the City Transport Authority in Kielce. Usable floor area: 3,577.81 m2 and volume: 18,225.0 m3. The new transport centre will be a transfer hub for city/suburban buses and car transport. A centre for meetings and cultural and entertainment events will also be built. The gross project value is PLN 69 million.