Budimex will build an office centre in Katowice

News date: April 10, 2015
Budimex will build an office centre in Katowice

On 9 April 2015 Budimex concluded an agreement with LC Corp Invest XVII sp. z o.o. for the construction of an office and services building at Al. Roździeńskiego in Katowice. The agreement’s value is PLN 61.5 million net.
The building will have eight storeys above ground and one underground. The total area of the facility is to amount to nearly 23,000 square meters. The building is a second stage of implementing the investment. Building B will be connected to the building A built by Budimex with an open passage. The passage will be also a convenient solution for the pedestrian communication. It will connect the footbridge over Aleja Roździeńskiego with a university campus.
The works will commence on 10 April this year and will continue until mid-November 2016.