Budimex will build a new railway bridge in Szczecin

News date: September 13, 2021
Budimex will build a new railway bridge in Szczecin

On 13 September 2021, a contract was concluded between Budimex SA and the State Water Holding Polish Waters Regional Water Management Board in Szczecin for the reconstruction of a railway bridge over the Regalica River in Szczecin. The new bridge will provide greater freedom for inland navigation. It will also increase the capacity of railway line No. 273. The net value of the works is PLN 282 million. Budimex has 25 months to complete the works. The investment is being carried out in the “build” formula. It is financed by the World Bank, the European Union and the national budget.


The contract was signed on a ship in the immediate vicinity of the old bridge. This is a very important investment for our company, combining the bridge and railway scope, but at the same time benefiting inland navigation, said Artur Popko, President of Budimex SA, during the signing of the contract.Thank you very much for selecting our offer. The contract, like most of our constructions, will be carried out in such a way as to be completed within the contractual deadline, said the President of Budimex.


The aim of the investment is to adjust the existing railway bridge to the minimum clearance, ensuring the effectiveness of ice-breaking actions. The bridge in its existing condition does not meet the requirements, hinders and often suspends the icebreaking action. The scope of the project includes partial demolition of the existing bridge over the railway line and construction of a new bridge. The new bridge will be built in the vicinity of the existing one. The planned structure will be elevated about 6.2 m above the level of high navigable water. All that will be left of the old structure is the drawbridge span, which is listed in the register of historical monuments.


The bridge over the Regalica River: A 273 m long, steel-framed, three-span railway bridge. Construction weight is approximately 4,000 tonnes. Two railway tracks will be installed on the bridge. The bridge will be built using the sliding method. Railway branch: The total length of the new tracks to be enclosed is approx. 12 km (station and plain). All enclosed tracks will be electrified (traction), and the railway traffic control system will be implemented. In addition, there will be 24 turnouts, and a platform at Szczecin Podjuchy station will be built (including a roof). A new signal box building is also to be constructed.


Bridge branch (engineering works): First railway viaduct over Szklana Street: a single-span viaduct with a 22.8 m long reinforced concrete frame structure. A new underpass under the railway tracks at Szczecin Podjuchy station.


Soil reinforcement: For the foundation of the railway body and track superstructure, work will be carried out to reinforce the soil: approx. 75,000 m3 of soil will be replaced, embankments and soil will be reinforced.


As part of construction trades, underground and above-ground contact points with existing electrical and teletechnical networks will be removed. Contact points with waterworks and gas pipelines will be removed/rebuilt. A new storm water drainage system and lighting will be constructed. Szklana Street as well as internal and access roads will be reconstructed for a length of approx. 1 km.


Budimex specialises, as a general contractor, in the implementation of bridge and hydrotechnical structures, among others. In 2020, Poland’s largest general construction contractor completed a flood control reservoir for the Oder River – the largest such structure in Poland. Now the same contractor is building, among others, new flood barriers on three sections of the Oder River. In 2017, Budimex also completed the largest extradosed bridge near Ostróda with a length of 677 metres.