Budimex to build hospital in Ząbki near Warsaw

News date: February 24, 2015
Budimex to build hospital in Ząbki near Warsaw

The new facility will be located in Ząbki near Warsaw, in the vicinity of the existing Masovian Psychiatric Centre “DREWNICA”.

The main pavilion of the hospital will consist of seven combined sections — A, B, (three-storey) C, D, E, F, G (two-storey). Each section will form a separate building unit. The units will be connected to one another via section B — a multi-functional zone resembling a large garden room which will have good communication with recreation and therapy amenities. Section B will be in the centre of the spatial layout, towering above the remaining sections with its unique roofing. Access zones will be separated in the hospital pavilion. They will cover the exterior and interior traffic of patients, personnel, any types of deliveries and visitors. The first zone — generally accessible — will consist of sections A, B, C, while the other, interior zone will be formed by sections D, E, F and G where there will be in-patient wards.
The project will also involve construction of a two-storey building which will host a boiler room, repair workshops, ambulance garages, storerooms, main power generating unit, and on the first floor – office areas, workshop and cloakroom. A gatehouse, summerhouse, hydrophore house and transformer station will be located in separate buildings.
The new hospital will be constructed on a plot of 122,200 square metres. The footprint area will cover 11,800 square metres and building volume net — 117,400 square metres.
Budimex will have to complete the project in three years as of the date of signing the contract.