We signed agreement to construct bypass in Łańcut

News date: May 18, 2018
We signed agreement to construct bypass in Łańcut

On 18 May 2018 we signed an agreement on the development of the DK94 road section from Łańcut to Głuchów, known as the Łańcut bypass (5.8 km long). The investment will cost PLN 115,847,768.51 gross and is to be completed within 34 months. The investment is financed by the government.


Scope of the Works


The reconstruction of national road no. 94, the Łańcut bypass, is to be completed using the “optimise-design-build” approach. This means that the contractor does the design work, obtains the legally required decisions and the amended permit to undertake the road investment, builds the DK94 road section, obtains the decision on the use of the road and, as a consequence, declares the DK94 road section ready for use.


Based on the project, this section of the national road is to remain a single-roadway, two-lane road (one lane in each direction), with a central reservation lane, of a length of 5.82 km. The works will include replacement of the road construction and the road embankment, where necessary. The traffic on the DK94 will continue in both directions throughout the construction.


In considering the safety of the road users, especially those who are less protected, i.e. pedestrians and cyclists, we plan to construct sidewalks and shared lanes in both directions, as well as bus bays.

The works also cover the reconstruction of the single-level intersections (6 single-lane roundabouts and 1 traffic light-controlled intersection) at the intersection of the DW 877, the DW 881, ul. Graniczna (connecting the road to the A4 motorway), the intersection of the DK94 and ul. Piłsudskiego, ul. Kościuszki and the DP 1520 R. The Contractor will also build a 33-metre road bridge on the Sawa River and access roads, and rebuild and construct the following elements of the technical infrastructure:

  • water supply sanitation networks, gas networks, including the reconstruction of the 6-metre high-pressure gas network,
  • electric power and tele-technical systems, and lighting,
  • road safety devices, noise barriers, traffic signs and markings.


We are pleased that we were chosen to undertake this investment. 'We will be doing our best to minimise the problems that are inevitable for this type of project, and if nothing unexpected happens then we plan to complete the works on time' said Artur Popko, member of the Management Board of Budimex SA and Infrastructure Construction Director.


Basic technical parameters for the investment

  • Road class: GP
  • Road length: 5.82 km
  • Surface loading: 115 kN/axis
  • Object loading: Load-bearing capacity class “A” according to PN 85/S – 10030 and "Stanag C 150"
  • Cross-section: 1x2
  • Lane width: 3.5 m
  • Traffic load category: min. KR5
  • Sidewalk width: 3.5–4.0 m
  • Shared lane width: 3.5–4.0 m
  • Access road lane width: 5.00–6.00 m
  • Central reservation lane: 3.5 m (including bituminous bands: 2x0.5 m)