General Meeting of Budimex SA

Media representatives’ participation in Budimex SA General Shareholders’ Meetings


  1. Objective: The objective of this procedure is to establish principles applying to media representatives’ participation in the Company General Shareholders' Meetings, in compliance with the corporate governance standards adopted by the Company, set forth in the “Best Practices in Public Companies.”
  2. Scope of application: This procedure shall apply in Budimex SA.
  3. Responsibility:
    1. Budimex SA Director General shall be responsible for supervision over the application of this procedure.
    2. Director for legal and organisational affairs shall be responsible for application of this procedure.
  4. Related documents:
    1. Best Practices in Public Companies” – appendix to the Budimex SA Management Board statement on the application of best practices.
    2. The act of July 29, 2005 on public offering, conditions governing the introduction of financial instruments to organised trading, and public companies.
    3. Regulation of the Minister of Finance of October 19, 2005 on current and periodic information submitted by issuers of securities.
  5. Definitions of terms: none
  6. Procedure:
    1. A media representative (a journalist) may participate in the Budimex SA General Shareholder’s Meeting upon receipt of accreditation.
    2. In order to receive accreditation for admission to the General Shareholders’ Meeting as an observer, a journalist must submit the application to the Company secretary’s office at least 2 hours prior to the start of the Meeting. The journalist submitting the abovementioned application must hold a valid press card along with an identity document (ID or passport).
    3. The accreditation shall be granted by means of vote taken by the General Shareholders’ Meeting. The application shall be put to vote by the Chairman of the General Shareholders’ Meeting.
    4. Journalists present at the General Shareholders’ Meeting shall participate as observers, with no right to active participation in the meeting. According to the Code of Commercial Companies, Company shareholders affected by a given General Shareholders’ Meeting shall be allowed to actively participate in the meeting, while the Company governing bodies and expert auditors shall have a limited right to participate with no voting right unless they are also shareholders.
  7. List of appendices: none.


E-mail address that may be used in cases provided in the Code of Commercial Companies in connection with the General Meeting: walnezgromadzenie@budimex.pl