Budimex among the Golden Six of INN: CSR

News date: December 14, 2015
Budimex among the Golden Six of INN: CSR

Budimex SA is among the Golden Six of INN: CSR, i.e. among six of the best companies implementing the most interesting programmes as part of responsible business. The INN:CSR list is the first ranking created by INNPoland.pl presenting companies which develop their business activities with regard to principles of social responsibility.

Actions taken by Budimex bring tangible results. Over 18 thousand children in Poland were equipped with plastic cards as part of the Domofon ICE action, and almost 19 thousand has access to 11 Parent Zones operating in 11 paediatric departments in Polish hospitals.

"A beautiful idea to get involved with the issue of children’s visibility on roads, which is in a sense related to the company’s profile. While conducting their business activities, they attach great importance to work safety out of concern for their employees and the local community," states Marta Romanow, CSR Specialist and owner of CSRomanow. "They use CSR tools such as audits, the RESPECT index and reports, which is also of significance," she adds. "Among Budimex operations, it was in particular the wide range of the company’s activities that caught my attention. More than ten thousand children benefiting from the company’s programmes is a really impressive result," says Izabela Dyakowska, President of the Employee Volunteering Institute [Instytut Wolontariatu Pracowniczego] and owner of bGOOD Consulting.

The Golden Six was selected on the basis of a survey on involvement in CSR activities at fifty companies in Poland. The expert panel scrutinised the process of building positive relationships with the stakeholders, initiatives in favour of local communities, long- and short-term objectives and achieved results. They also assessed the degree to which conducted CSR activities contributed to improving the company’s innovativeness.

The experts indicated the best practices and singled out those, which – in their opinion – should be followed by other companies. Creators of the ranking pursued not only to distinguish those who deserve it but also to inspire other companies to implement solutions working elsewhere.

Other companies which made the top six are: Samsung Electronics Polska, Unilever Polska, Tauron Polska Energia, Grupa Raben and Cemex.

INNPoland is a service dedicated to Polish innovations and business. It brings together the academia, business community and public institutions. It is a member of the Natemat group.

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Budimex is included in the WIG-ESG Index, which has been replaced by the Respect Index, in force until the end of 2019.

Understanding for Safety
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Porozumienie dla bezpieczeństwa

We are an active participant in an initiative for improving the level of safety in the construction sector – “Agreement for Construction Safety”. Together with the other beneficiaries of the Agreement, we take actions aiming at establishing a culture of safety, raising awareness on the existence of threats related to working on a construction site – and consequently, eliminating risk. We are striving to reach a common goal – “0” accidents.

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