In pursuance of § 6 clause 3 of the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 15 December 1998 (Journal of Laws No 160, item 1072), we hereby inform you that the electronic version of the Prospectus for class L shares of Budimex SA is published purely for information purposes.

The printed version of the Prospectus for Budimex SA shares with its appendices and its updating information is available:


  • in the Issuer’s office – at ul. Stawki 40 in Warsaw
  • in the Information Centre of the Securities and Exchange Commission – at Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1 in Warsaw
  • in Customer Service Points of brokerage offices
  • in Warsaw Stock Exchange Promotion Office – at ul. Książęca 4 in Warsaw


Class L Shares are introduced for public trading without a consent from the Securities and Exchange Commission, on the basis of an announcement of share issuance, in pursuance of Article 63 of the Polish Act on Public Trading in Securities.


Participation in the issuance is possible only in the Republic of Poland. In other states, the Prospectus may only be considered information material.

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