Tramway to Wilanów – new traffic organization from 11 February

News date: February 13, 2023
Tramway to Wilanów – new traffic organization from 11 February

The construction of the tramway to Wilanów is entering the next stage. Starting from 11 February, the construction site will begin to be extended – the works will cover the entire section from Puławska Street in Mokotów through Sobieskiego Street and Rzeczpospolitej Avenue to Branickiego Street in Wilanów. The investment will be completed according to the contractual deadline in the first quarter of 2024.


This extends the construction site by around 5 km. On Saturday 11 February, one lane of Sobieskiego Street and Rzeczpospolitej Avenue was closed. The delineation of traffic to a single lane will be completed on 19 February. The main intersections will be unobstructed for most of the construction work. However, minor road connections will be temporarily unavailable during the course of the works – this will include the junction with van Beethoven Street and Sejmu Czteroletni Street. Access to Truskawiecka Street will be partially restricted.


The obstructions are due to the need to rebuild a number of underground installations, such as heat pipes, water mains, sewers and electrical installations. These facilities need to be rebuilt comprehensively, so the work has to be carried out along the entire length of Sobieskiego Street. The reconstruction will involve the removal of bituminous surfaces, soil removal on the separation lane, milling and the introduction of heavy equipment to remove paving elements. This will be followed by the construction of tracks, power supplies, new carriageways and tram stops.


Once completed, the trip by tram from Wilanów to the Centrum underground station will take only 25 minutes. On average, 230 employees and 60 units of equipment work on the construction site every day. The general contractor takes every effort to complete this investment as soon as possible and make the roads available to residents again.


For passengers

The bus lane on Sobieskiego Street is extended to Wilanowska Avenue from 18 February. From 13 February, a new connection from Wilanów to the M1 metro line is provided by bus line 217 on an extended route. From the bus stop on Aleja Rzeczypospolitej and Branickiego Street, it will be possible to reach the Imielin metro station by bus numbers: 217, 263 and 319. During the morning peak hours, buses heading towards the Imielin metro station will depart every 4-5 minutes. The more frequent routes of line 522 and the operation of line E-2 will be preserved during the winter holidays. The final section of line 172 will change. The buses will reach the Stegny terminal instead of the Sadyba terminal.


For drivers

Traffic on Sobieskiego Street and Rzeczypospolitej Avenue will be carried by a single carriageway. Drivers will have one lane available in each direction. During the first few days, be extra careful and remember that navigation systems like Google Maps are ‘learning’ new driver behaviour.


For pedestrians and cyclists

It is possible to move freely on foot along the construction site. Crossing from one side of the street to the other is made possible by special communication points. In addition, footbridges crossing the construction site will be maintained. For safety reasons, cyclists should use the western side, right next to the drivers. However, it is worth remembering that the entire five-kilometre stretch – on both sides of the street – is a construction site, so special caution should be maintained when moving along the development site.

Maps and descriptions showing the details of the new temporary traffic organisation are available at infoulice.um.warszawa.pl.


Przystanek Zieleń – planting 400 trees

Przystanek Zieleń is a project aimed at planting even more trees in the vicinity of the Tramway to Wilanów construction site. Budimex has prepared 400 additional saplings, which it wants to give to the residents of Mokotów and Wilanów to plant together with them in selected areas. The general contractor is currently collecting applications for the first stage of the campaign, as part of which 130 trees will be planted. The plantings are planned to take place on private land belonging to housing communities.


A housing community wishing to participate in the campaign must:

– have land on which trees can be planted,

– be located in the vicinity of the construction site of the Tramway to Wilanów,

– have the resources to look after the planted trees indefinitely.


How to register your community for the campaign

All you need to do is fill in the application form for the 'Przystanek Zieleń' campaign. It can be found under the ‘FORMULARZ’ tab at www.przystanekzielen.waw.pl. Applications must be submitted by 15 March 2023.