The second Parent Zone this year delivered!

News date: June 24, 2021
The second Parent Zone this year delivered!

Patients of the Józef Bednarz Provincial Psychiatric Hospital in Świecie can now spend time in new rooms. The 36th Parent Zone was opened in the 7th Ward for children. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the social programme ‘Parent Zone. Budimex for Children’ has continued without interruption since 2013. Thanks to this project, a friendly space with subdued colours will be available for up to 300 children a year.


‘Parent Zone. Budimex for Children’ is a nationwide social project managed and fully financed by Budimex SA. The aim of the project is to create special areas in children’s wards of Polish hospitals and provide facilities and creative solutions which facilitate hospital stays and reduce the recovery time. 


The Provincial Psychiatric Hospital in Świecie is located in 19th-century buildings. It is the oldest and the longest operating facility of this type in Poland. The 36th Parent Zone has the largest area and it is the first one created in an old corridor that was adapted accordingly. This room is also the highest, since the old ceiling is almost five metres high.


‘It is the 36th Zone we are delivering under the CSR programme “Parent Zone. Budimex for Children”. The project we carried out in Świecie was unique, not only because of its location in a beautiful 19th-century building but also in regards to patients’ needs. Due to the type of this medical facility, visits by loved ones are less frequent and the creative solutions used when we adapted the corridor had to be strictly tailored to the patients’ needs, so that they feel calm. The new Zone which we delivered will be a meeting place for patients when they come back from school and therapy sessions.’ – says Aldona Orłowski, Head of the Recruitment, Development & Communications Office at Budimex. 


The inspiration for interior design was the sea, so the main colours are shades of blue, beige and white, which will have a calming effect on young patients. We adapted an old corridor, almost 120 square metres in total. The walls were covered with PVC boards and stickers. Blue shutters were installed on the windows. Doors were renovated and we added plaques with the names of the offices. We constructed a large built-in closet for a TV set and school supplies. There are also boards for drawings on the walls. The corridor now has the necessary pieces of furniture, such as tables, chairs and other types of seats. The Parent Zone in Świecie will be available for up to 300 beneficiaries a year. 


In accordance with the idea behind the programme, Budimex volunteers participated in the last stage of renovation work. On the final day, the 36th Parent Zone was officially delivered and a press conference was held in front of the building of the 10th and 7th Wards.


The programme is implemented and fully financed by Budimex SA.

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The ‘Parent Zone. Budimex for Children’ programme is implemented for Budimex SA by Task Force Consulting Sp. z o.o.