The S5 route has connected Poznan and Wroclaw

News date: December 14, 2019
The S5 route has connected Poznan and Wroclaw

Budimex has finalised works on the 18.9-kilometre-long section of the S5 expressway. Drivers have been able to use this new, modern road connecting  Poznan and Wroclaw since 14 December this year. One of the most important contracts in the Greater Poland Voivodeship was completed according to schedule. The investor is the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Poznan Branch.


The commissioning of the final section of this expressway, along with the accompanying infrastructure, was the last stage of the construction works started by Budimex in January 2018. In total, 22 engineering facilities and two road junctions (Czempin and Kościan Północ) were built as part of this investment project, carried out using the ‘design-build’ method for the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Poznan Branch. Two service points – ‘Kokorzyn’ and ‘Sierakowo’ – as well as a network of technical and access roads were established along the route as well.


“By commissioning this section, we finalised works on one of the most important construction stages of the No 5 expressway connecting Wroclaw and Poznan. We are very pleased with the fact that we managed to implement a key project aimed at improving communication between the capitals of two large Voivodeships, as well as within the region as a whole. Anyone travelling along this route is bound to notice a difference in driving comfort”, said Dariusz Blocher, President of the Management Board and CEO of Budimex SA.


“Around five hundred people were involved in the implementation of different tasks on this route. We carried out about 2.5 million m3-worth of earthworks, using 0.3 million tonnes of bituminous mass in the process. In addition, we employed new, innovative control tools”, said Bartłomiej Syguła, Contract Deputy Director. “Apart from traditional surveying equipment, we also used drone photogrammetry measurements numerous times. Thus, some of the works which previously would have required manual labour were largely automated thanks to solutions like climbing formwork and 3D models”, he added. By using motion sensors and monitoring systems with on-line access, construction site security has been automated. Additionally, the process of weighing materials delivered to construction sites has been modernised.


The total value of the project is PLN 292.1 million. Thanks to the new road, the travel time between Poznan and Wroclaw is up to 20 minutes shorter – from 2.5 h down to 2 h 10 min – and much safer as well.