The new CSR strategy of Budimex

News date: March 22, 2021
The new CSR strategy of Budimex

Corporate social responsibility is one of the strategic pillars of the activity of Budimex in Poland. In 2021, the leader of the construction industry will start implementing its new CSR strategy. In the years 2021-2023, Budimex will actively reduce its negative impact on the environment and climate, ensure the highest standards of occupational health and safety on all construction sites and develop social programmes and relations with local communities.


The strategy of Budimex for the next few years involves the execution of 22 goals divided into 6 main areas. One of the most important issues is safety. As the leader of the construction industry, Budimex wants to actively work towards reducing the number of accidents on construction sites. “The safety of our employees and anyone working on our contracts is our top priority. We constantly introduce new solutions in this regard, thanks to which, despite the growing number of construction projects, the number of accidents on our sites decreases every year”, comments Cezary Mączka, Member of the Management Board of Budimex S.A., Director of the Human Resources Division. In the next few years, Budimex wants to fully eliminate fatal accidents among its employees and subcontractors, reduce the accident incidence rate by 5% year on year and reduce the accident severity rate by 10% year on year.


The next key area of the activity of Budimex is environmental protection. As part of the new CSR strategy, the company is planning to increase the share of renewable energy in total purchased energy to 50% in 2023 (as compared to 37% in 2020), as well as introduce and promote low-carbon technologies. Importantly, in the last three years, Budimex significantly decreased CO2 emissions in its bitumen production plants. The general contractor wants to minimise water consumption in the construction process by reusing rainwater to ensure that in the next few years, its share in the water used at construction sites will keep rising and will amount to 5% in 2021, 7% in 2022 and 10% in 2023.


As the leader of the construction industry, Budimex focusses on the development of its staff and counteracts any forms of discrimination on the basis of gender. “Currently, women represent 27% of all of our employees. There are also more women in managerial positions. In 2019, women represented 8% of managers and in 2020 this number reached 19%”, says Cezary Mączka. One of the goals of the new CSR strategy is to maintain this upward trend, for example by increasing the number of women employed as managers (by 3 percentage points year on year) and to maintain or increase (year on year) the percentage of women promoted in our company. Budimex is also planning to take part in more pilot programmes and projects carried out with start-ups and to continue research projects that are in progress.


At Budimex, corporate social responsibility includes long-term projects which support communities near the construction projects carried out by the company. “Our flagship initiatives, which we will continue in the next few years, include: the Parent Zone, a project to create and renovate space in children’s hospital wards for the youngest patients and their parents, Hello ICE, whose aim is to improve the safety of children on the roads, and Budimex for Nature, which promotes environmentally friendly actions”, says Cezary Mączka, Member of the Management Board of Budimex S.A. and Director of the Human Resources Division. “Last year, we were also involved in a unique action called #DomZSerca. We built and equipped a house which will soon be handed over to a large family from Wierzbica”, adds Cezary Mączka. Other CSR activities of Budimex included our fight against the pandemic. We allocated almost PLN 3 million to this purpose.