The first hospitals receive aid from Budimex

News date: March 31, 2020
The first hospitals receive aid from Budimex

Budimex has already launched the first tranche of financial aid for Polish hospitals, part of 1 million PLN in aid that it promised when it joined the campaign “Jesteśmy razem. Pomagamy” (We Stand Together to Help). The first hospitals to receive financial aid are in Wałbrzych, Racibórz and Warsaw, areas which currently have the highest rates of coronavirus infection. Over the next three weeks, financial aid will be given to other hospitals.


The financial aid is a non-reimbursable donation for the procurement of medical equipment and PPE required to fight the coronavirus outbreak. The beneficiaries of the financial aid include:
- Dr. Józef Rostek Regional Hospital in Racibórz
- Dr. Alfred Sokołowski Specialist Care Hospital in Wałbrzych
- Provincial Infectious Disease Hospital in Warsaw

All three healthcare units treat patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Soon other hospitals will receive financial aid.

“The Budimex pledge to provide financial aid to hospitals and healthcare workers was made in the second half of March. It will also support more hospitals in other provinces in the coming weeks. Top priority will be given to those hospitals which require aid the most. We will support Polish doctors and medical personnel,” said Dariusz Blocher, President and CEO of Budimex S.A. “We are searching and will continue to search for PPE in different markets and from various suppliers for our personnel and for healthcare workers,” he added.


Budimex announced last week that it wanted to complete all ongoing construction projects in compliance with comprehensive epidemiological safety guidelines. In Wałbrzych, Budimex is the general contractor for the city bypass. In Racibórz, Budimex is finishing the construction of a flood control reservoir for the upper Oder. In Warsaw, it continues work on several residential housing contracts and projects for MPWIK (Warsaw Water and Sewerage), power engineering construction projects and airport construction. Budimex has already provided aid for the hospital in Racibórz. In August 2018, it created the Parents’ Area in the children’s care wing as a comfortable meeting location for the hospitalized children and their parents.