Parent Zone in the Voivodeship Children’s Hospital in Bydgoszcz is open!

News date: November 24, 2022
Parent Zone in the Voivodeship Children’s Hospital in Bydgoszcz is open!

As part of the ‘Parent Zone. Budimex for Kids’ (pl. Strefa Rodzica, Budimex Dzieciom) programme, another space for the youngest patients has been created. A playground was renovated at the Józef Brudziński Voivodeship Children’s Hospital in Bydgoszcz, which will make recovery time more pleasant for the small patients and will speed up the recovery process.


‘Parent Zone. Budimex for Kids’ is a nationwide social program initiated and fully funded by Budimex SA. As part of the campaign, spaces are created at children’s wards of Polish hospitals for toddlers and their parents to discover the world through playing and staying together with their nearest ones. Thanks to the places such as the Parent Zones, small patients can get away from thoughts about the illness for a while and spend their time in an interesting way. The programme also supports parents who accompany their children during the difficult time.


The opening of the 41st Parent Zone in Bydgoszcz was held on 23 November this year. The playground at the Józef Brudziński Voivodeship Children’s Hospital in Bydgoszcz has gained modern, friendly look! The toys that were previously installed there were disassembled and refurbished and additional attractions were installed as well. A new poured surface was installed thanks to the Head of Budimex North Division of Region 1, Radosław Slesar, who won the support of the company Tamex Obiekty Sportowe S.A. The company installed the surface pro bono. In addition, the aesthetics of the paths around the playground was improved, and sanitary trimming of trees in the park was carried out. Budimex S.A. volunteers have a large share in carrying out the tasks.


‘The idea and the main objective of the ‘Parent Zone. Budimex for Kids’ programme is creating more comfortable conditions for sick children and their parents while staying in hospitals, thus improving the well-being of the children and facilitating their faster recovery. The project has a broader educational dimension; it promotes emotional benefits and support for the treatment process resulting from parental participation in the care of a sick child. It is the 41st Parent Zone in the program which has been running continuously for 10 years. More than 1 million children and parents have already benefited from the Parent Zones. Depending on the needs and conditions at a hospital, various spaces are renovated and arranged. In the case of Bydgoszcz, it was the playground. The Parent Zone is a huge commitment of the volunteers; Budimex employees who actively participate in the renovation of the rooms. I would like to thank our engineers and foremen in Bydgoszcz’, says Martyna Wróbel, Head of the Communication Office of Budimex S.A.


The following persons participated in the event on behalf of the hospital: Danuta Kurylak – Deputy Head in charge of Medical Affairs, Anna Kilczewska-Tysków – Deputy Head in charge of Finance & Economic Affairs, Marlena Mania – Chief Nurse, Ewa Karwecka – Epidemiology Nurse, Katarzyna Dankowska – Representative of the Director of Quality, Patrycja Kubiak – Admissions Room Manager, Alicja Przybysz – Quality Specialist, Jarosław Cegielski – Deputy Head for Technical Affairs, and Łukasz Lipiński – Logistics Manager.


The main contractor and project sponsor, Budimex SA, was represented by: Radosław Slesar – Head of the Division of Northern Region 1, General Construction Directorate, Mariusz Hurylski – Head of the Northern Branch of the General Construction Directorate, Martyna Wróbel – Head of the Communication and Public Relations Department, Michał Wrzosek – Spokesperson, Michał Myzyk – Construction Manager, Anna Bazan-Korona – Communication Specialist, and Budimex volunteers.


‘We are returning to the hospital after 8 years. Budimex was the general contractor of the Voivodeship Children’s Hospital in Bydgoszcz. Now we have carried out smaller construction work, but socially, with the involvement of our people, suppliers and the assistance of the hospital staff. We are pleased that we have completed the Family Zone in such a form, different than the others, and that the hospital patients will be able to spend time actively outside the hospital’s building itself’, says Radosław Ślesar, Head of General Construction Division of Budimex SA.


Within the scope of the 41st Parent Zone, the following work was carried out:

Disassembly of existing toys and their renovation (cleaning, adding missing parts, replacing operating elements)

Assembly of toys according to a new concept together with the assembly of new toys.

Removal of the existing sand surface

Preparing the substructure made of crushed concrete and constructing the edgings

Constructing a safe road surface

Improving the aesthetics of the paths around the playground

Sanitary trimming of trees in the park