Opening of the Parent Zone in a hospital in Poznań

News date: May 29, 2017
Opening of the Parent Zone in a hospital in Poznań

The Karol Jonischer Teaching Hospital in Poznań received its own Parent Zone. A special place with a comfortable social base for parents and a dayroom for young patients were prepared in the 19th edition of the Poland-wide social program “Parent Zone. Budimex for Children”.


A special, fully equipped friendly space was created in the hospital. The room was totally renovated, painted and equipped with functional furniture, social base and household appliances. In the cosy Parent Zone, custodians can spend time with their children or simply relax. Parents have also at their disposal foldable beds, so they can accompany their children even at night, if such circumstances occur.

The last day of works is the climax of each Parent Zone. Repair teams leave the premises and leave the space for volunteers - Budimex employees. Regardless of the position and function, every one of them is engaged in the finishing works. Apart from Budimex volunteers, the action from the very beginning received support from the honorary Ambassador of the programme - Mrs. Agnieszka Grochowska, popular actress renown for her roles in “Wałęsa” or “Obce Niebo” films.            


Annually over 30,000 thousand children and their parents can use the already handed over Parent Zones. More wards in Polish hospitals are waiting for their Parent Zones.