New Parent Zone in Gdynia

News date: April 21, 2017
New Parent Zone in Gdynia

Parents of young patients in the Neonatal Department and Intensive Newborn Care Unit of the PCK Maritime Hospital in Gdynia now can enjoy a truly comfortable space! Today, the 8th Edition of “Parent Zone. Budimex for Children” has been finalized.

So far, Parent Zones have been established in 17 cities, including Lublin, Poznań, Gdańsk, Łódź, Katowice, Białystok and Olsztyn.

The Neonatal Department and Intensive Newborn Care Unit of the PCK Maritime Hospital in Gdynia is listed as the 18th place on the program map. It is here, with children’s parents in mind, where a special room has been refurbished to be dedicated as a social room.The room has been painted in warm, soothing colors. It has been furnished with comfortable, functional furniture, kitchen cabinets, household appliances and RTV equipment. While staying here, young patients’ parents will be able to prepare a quick meal, a hot drink or have a moment to relax.

The room also boasts a new, fully renovated bathroom furnished with all the necessary basic hygiene equipment. In addition, the unit received folding beds for caretakers who would like to spend the night with their child and a professional breast pump for breastfeeding mothers.

Parent Zones have hitherto been created in units hospitalizing adolescents or patients who are only a few years old. Such zones have been sorely missing for parents of newborns - the youngest hospital patients. For this reason, Budimex decided to establish a Parent Zone in the Neonatal Department and Intensive Newborn Care Unit.

We would like similar places to be created in every Polish hospital, said Krzysztof Kozioł, Director of the Budimex Communications Office. We are aware that it is not possible everywhere. However, the fact that this initiative is well received by the public, hospital managers or local government institutions, fosters the hope that such places will become increasingly more common. Personally I am proud of our employees who engage in the creation of these zones, devoting their personal time – added Kozioł.