We are beginning construction of the Kashubian Route

News date: June 13, 2018
We are beginning construction of the Kashubian Route

On 11th June Budimex concluded a contract with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKA) for the construction of a 10 km section of the S6 Expressway between Luzino and Szemud together with a junction in Szemud.


 We will carry out a contract worth nearly 336m PLN in the ‘design and build’ formula. We have 34 months to complete the task (excluding winter periods from 15th December to 15th March).


The S6 Expressway, in the Pomeranian region referred to as the Kashubian Route, runs from Gdańsk to Bożepole Wielkie. The entire route is 40 km long. Its construction has been divided into three sections – one, having a length of 20 km, under construction from March of this year, and two of 10 km, awarded their contractors on 11th June.


The Kashubian Route will be a quick and safe connection between the Tri-City and Szczecin. It will also help relieve local roads to a significant extent.


The remaining sections of the S6 Expressway: the Bypass of the Tri-City Metropolis, Koszalin – Bożepole Wielkie and the Western Bypass of Szczecin will be constructed as part of a public-private partnership.