#DomZSerca – we gave the family the keys to their newly built home!

News date: March 29, 2021
#DomZSerca – we gave the family the keys to their newly built home!

The House from the Heart for Magda and her large family from Wierzbica near Radomsko has been completed! On Friday, 26 March, we officially handed over the keys. All project partners, stakeholders and the media were invited to join the event. The family will be able to move into their new home before Easter.


The impulse to start the Home from the Heart project was the difficult situation of Magda and her family. In 2020, the media became interested in her situation because the court decided to remove the mother’s custody rights over her eleven minor children. This decision was taken due to the difficult living conditions. Dariusz Blocher, President of Budimex, was moved by this story and decided to help the family. This is how Home from the Heart was born. Over 20 companies cooperated to build a spacious house in Wierzbica near Radomsko.


Thanks to their intense work, Magda and her children will be able to move into their new house in March. The project was completed thanks to help from the depths of the heart and the solidarity of various companies. They were not indifferent to the need to provide help. The campaign is also an inspiration for other organisations to work together and help families in need.


Thanks to the cooperation of 20 partners, the family will soon be able to live in a house with an area of 220 square metres. There are 9 rooms with 4 bathrooms and 2 walk-in closets. It is a turnkey house with a living space where children will have appropriate conditions for learning and developing their talents. It also has a broadband Internet connection and was equipped with new computers and tablets.


On Friday, 26 March, we officially handed over the keys to the new house. All project partners, stakeholders and the media were invited to join the meeting. At the event, we summed up and presented all of the most important facts from the construction of the house. Magda and her family were given a house tour. There was also a Q&A session for the media.


“The construction of the Home from the Heart has been completed. We are very happy that despite difficulties caused by the pandemic, we managed to carry out the project on time. Magda will be able to spend Easter in a new and comfortable house. I would like to thank all of our partners for their engagement. Because of you, we managed to change this family’s life. I encourage other companies to undertake similar projects to help those in need”, emphasises Dariusz Blocher, President of the Management Board of Budimex S.A.


“On behalf of my family, I would like to thank the President of Budimex and everyone involved in the construction and equipping of the house. It’s a beautiful gesture. We’re looking forward to the day when we can move into our new house”, said Magda, the main beneficiary of the House from the Heart project.


“We treat this project as an opportunity to change this family’s life, as a chance for them to get not only some living space, but also the possibility of creating a family atmosphere which is conducive to the development and education of the children. The situation of large families, which often have difficult living and housing conditions, is a major social problem. We encourage other companies, including those from the construction industry, to start similar initiatives”, adds Dariusz Blocher.


“At OBI, the driving force behind our activities is the desire to create better houses and gardens. On an everyday basis, we help our Customers achieve these goals by providing designs, equipment and services tailored to their individual needs. That is why from the very beginning we treated the #DomZSerca project not only as an opportunity to help a specific family, but also as a symbol. Through this gesture of solidarity we prove that it is possible to design comfortable and functional spaces tailored to the needs of every family. We believe that by sharing our expert knowledge and what’s best in our range of products, we can change the world for the better and make our beneficiaries smile”, says Agata Laskowska, Spokesperson and Communication Coordinator at OBI.


“Eleven out of fifteen of Magda’s children were taken away from her and placed in foster care. Why? It was decided that the living conditions in her house make it impossible for Magda to raise her children. Since redNet Dom could help give this family a decent living space, a home, we joined this project without hesitation and agreed with it wholeheartedly! We hope that the space that we helped create will keep this family safe for many years”, says Katarzyna Jankowska from redNet Dom.


“There is strength in a team – this is how we can sum up the initiative of Budimex, which invited many partners to its incredible project, including AkzoNobel. For us, projects carried out to the benefit of local communities are an important part of business activities. Huge congratulations – we did it! In spring, Magda and her children will start a new chapter in their life in a colourful home adapted to the needs of a large family. We wish them luck and nothing but sunny days”, says Katarzyna Kowalczyk, Communication Manager at AkzoNobel.


“Nowadays, business is also about social responsibility. At PORTA, we know how important support is. Especially for those who can’t cope on their own. This is why Home from the Heart is an initiative so close to our hearts”, says Piotr Chodak, Public Relations and Digital Marketing Manager at PORTA Drzwi.


“We were happy to accept the offer to join the #DomZSerca project. For many years, TLC Group has supported charity campaigns as part of its corporate social responsibility. As soon as we were invited, we confirmed our participation without a moment of hesitation. When construction work was in progress, we took care of the safety of workers by providing fully closed temporary fencing. We would like to thank Budimex for giving us an opportunity to be a part of this project and we wish Magda and her children many happy times in their modern and safe home”, says Monika Wajda, Managing Director at TLC Rental.


On domzserca.pl, we present the timeline of the construction and photos of the completed Home from the Heart.


Video footage covering the handover of the keys is available on the Budimex YouTube channel.


Project partners: Budimex, OBI, .mdd, Orange Polska, RedNet Property, Black Red White, Porta Drzwi, RTV EURO AGD, AkzoNobel, Dyckerhoff Polska, FBSerwis, Candellux Lighting, Land Tech, TLC Rental, Algeco, Integrity Partners, Blue Energy, Fundacja iSowa, Clean Time, Confirme, Firma Krzak, Psujek Design, Procontent , Synertime, Komunikacja+