Construction underway of the Vistula Collector in Warsaw

News date: January 20, 2021
Construction underway of the Vistula Collector in Warsaw

On Monday, 18 January, the shield of the AVM Barbara used to create the MPWiK collector broke through into the receiving chamber located behind Toruńska Route (ul. Armii Krajowej).


Since the commencement of works, about a month and a half ago, 0.6 km of the new collector tunnel has been constructed. The works are going well and are ahead of schedule – on some days the machine bores about 30 metres of tunnel.


Soon the shield will be moved from the chamber behind the Grot-Rowecki Bridge to the start chamber at the Olympic Centre, where it can begin boring in a southerly direction. The length of the section for which Budimex S.A. is responsible is 5.5 km.


AVN machine technical specifications

Target tunnel length: 9.5 km

AVN overall weight: 145 t

Overall length: 8.1 m

Shield diameter: 3.8 m

Boring speed: 14 m/24 h

Scheduled start of the excavation: December 2020.

Planned boring end: Q2 2022