Construction of the Ornowo – Wirwajdy section of the S5 expressway passed its halfway point

News date: September 16, 2021
Construction of the Ornowo – Wirwajdy section of the S5 expressway passed its halfway point

The construction of the Ornowo-Wirwajdy section of the S5 expressway has passed its halfway point. Works carried out by Budimex on the section of the S5 expressway between Ostróda and Iława are ahead of schedule.


The section under contract, which is about 5.3 km long, is the continuation of the Ostróda bypass and forms part of the S5 expressway to Grudziądz, and ultimately, to Bydgoszcz, Poznań and Wrocław.


“The implementation of the investment is being carried out in the ‘Design and Build’ formula. Currently, after 16 months of construction works, the Ornowo -Wirwajdy expressway section is at the stage of over 50% advancement. Given that the completion of the contract is scheduled for May 2023, this represents very good progress of the construction works”, says Cezary Łysenko – Budimex Infrastructure Construction Director.


“Work is being carried out on many fronts simultaneously. The construction of embankments, bridge structures and roadway construction layers is underway. The first sections of bituminous substructures have already been laid. On average, 170 workers and 98 heavy equipment units are employed on the construction site.  Contact points with the power supply, telecommunication, sewage and gas systems have already been reconstructed. Currently, a storm water drainage system and a teletechnical canal are being constructed, as well as reinforcement of retention reservoirs and works on the Morlińska Struga watercourse”, says Cezary Łysenko.


The construction of the S5 expressway on the Ornowo – Wirwajdy section is another road investment of Budimex in this part of Poland. Previously, the general contractor completed the Olsztyn bypass and subsections A and B of the Ostróda bypass, which is a nearly 20-km section of the S7 expressway (9.7 km) and a slightly shorter DK16 national road (9 km).