Construction of a new power-generating unit at PGE GiEK S.A. the Turów Power Plant Branch

News date: March 10, 2017
Construction of a new power-generating unit at PGE GiEK S.A. the Turów Power Plant Branch

It was reported that by the end of February this year 27% of the plan and 20% of construction works would be completed. All excavations are completed, foundations for the cooling tower and boiler house are laid. This month, it is planned to lay the foundations for the turbine set.

A concrete structure of the cooling water pump house is being executed.


In January this year works related to the underground pipelines for cooling water were commenced and they’re planned to be completed by the end of the month. In the engine room the walls and foundation pillars are to be completed once the foundation slab of the turbine set is built. In the south part, pillars in the foundation slab were erected. Then, the works were commenced in the north part so that no works on the main foundation slab are delayed.


Installation of the steel structure for the engine house is being performed in accordance with the schedule. Completion of the installation is scheduled for June of this year, then the technological part assembly is to be commenced. Mostostal Kraków provides the components and erects the steel structure for the engine house. 


Erection of the first pillar of the boiler supporting structure in the boiler house is planned for 15 March, and the whole construction is to be ready by June 2017. Then the assembly of the pressure part of the boiler is to be started, along with the assembly of the steel structure of the boiler house. 

First components of the main boiler steel structure have already been delivered to the construction site and they’re to be assembled by Mostostal Kraków. 14 thousand tons is to be assembled. Currently a crawler crane with a lifting capacity of 600 t is assembled for the assembly of the boiler house steel structure. The assembly is to be performed by two such cranes and two tower cranes.


The concrete structure in the electrical devices house is being performed. There’s a good erection pace for the cooling tower. The facility of a target height of 135 m is erected by the Hamon company. Currently, works related to the completion of the supporting structure of the cooling tower shell are being performed. By the end of this year the cooling tower shell will have been completed.


Foundations for the emergency tank and the absorber were laid in the flue gas desulphurization plant facilities. The absorber tank is planned to be assembled this month. Works are executed as planned.

Over 500 people who work in a 3-shift mode are engaged in the works. The construction of the Turów Power Plant is performed quickly and efficiently. The established plan was performed within two months. Once the new unit is put into operation, the demand for energy of approx. 1 million households will be satisfied.