Christmas charity auction

News date: December 6, 2019
Christmas charity auction


Budimex is actively engaged in charity, and since the holiday season is nearly here, we encourage everyone to participate in a unique charity auction. All proceeds from the sale of several artworks provided by Budimex go to the ‘Nikt nie zostaje’ (No one left behind) foundation, which is actively involved in helping war veterans.


‘No one left behind’ is a Polish foundation which has been helping soldiers who suffered injuries or other trauma during military deployments abroad, as well as their families, for the past 6 years. The foundation supports both World War II veterans, and soldiers who participated in the more recent conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans and wherever else their service was required. The foundation provides soldiers and their families with all necessary psychological help and assistance, tailored to their needs.


As part of this year's holiday charity activities, Budimex donated several artworks to the foundation, including drawings, paintings and photographs by Polish and foreign artists, which were then put up for online auction. All sales proceeds go straight to the ‘No one left behind’ foundation to support the implementation of its statutory goals. The auctions will run until 19 December. Visit https://charytatywni.allegro.pl/listing?sellerId=6253996 to take part.


For Budimex, corporate social responsibility is one of the most important aspects of business. We are excited that we can contribute to helping those who need it the most. We would also like to encourage everyone who is not completely indifferent to the fate of those around them to take part in our Christmas auction. By working together, we can make this year’s Christmas even better”, said Katarzyna Wójck, Communication Expert at Budimex SA.


Apart from occasional charity activities, Budimex also runs two permanent projects – ‘Parent Zone’ and ‘Hello ICE’. The first is all about creating comfortable places in hospital children's wards, which can be used by young patients and their parents to relax and spend time together. Hello ICE, meanwhile, is an educational programme aimed at increasing road safety awareness among children.