Budimex will work closely with the National Tax Administration (KAS)

News date: December 21, 2022
Budimex will work closely with the National Tax Administration (KAS)

This Programme is a new form of relation and a close partnership between large taxpayers and KAS. Participation in the Programme is a confirmation that the taxpayer's tax procedures and processes, as well as the supervision of tax settlements, meet the highest standards. It also represents a range of previously unavailable benefits for those joining the Programme. Moreover, it’s a new dimension of the relationship and interaction between taxpayers and the tax administration based on mutual trust, transparency and collaboration.


The Cooperation Programme is a new solution designed for large taxpayers (more than EUR 50 million in revenue per year) under which the taxpayer signs a cooperation agreement with the Head of KAS and establishes a new dimension of relationship and interaction with the tax administration.


Acting within the Programme, the taxpayer is not subjected to inspections, but is covered by a so-called monitoring audit, which assesses the quality and effectiveness of the so-called Internal Tax Control Framework and tax risk management, says Marcin Węgłowski – Member of the Management Board and Financial and Economic Director of Budimex SA.


As part of the Cooperation Programme, the taxpayer obtains, among other things, the certainty of the correct application of tax law at the present time, which translates into certainty and predictability of tax burden expenses and the possibility of making so-called tax agreements.


Entering the Programme significantly improves confidence within the organisation and allows it to grow without tax risks. This type of solution, foreseen especially for large entrepreneurs, is known in many EU countries (so-called Cooperative Compliance or Horizontal Monitoring), adds Marcin Węgłowski.


As announced by the Polish Association of Construction Employers, according to the latest report published in September 2022 by Polityka Insight, "CIT Leaders. How Polish companies pay taxes", between 2012 and 2020, the construction industry has paid around PLN 2.8 billion in corporate income tax to the state budget since 2012. The largest CIT payer among construction companies operating in the domestic market was Poland's Budimex. According to the report, the largest contractor paid PLN 718 million in cumulative CIT between 2012 and 2020.