Budimex will construct the Polish History Museum

News date: May 30, 2018
Budimex will construct the Polish History Museum

On 30 May, Budimex concluded the contract with the Polish History Museum of the construction of its new building that will be erected at the Warsaw Citadel.


The contract value is nearly PLN 460 million.  At signing of the contract, Budimex was represented by its President, Dariusz Blocher. The scope of works comprises construction of the building, including the required systems, permitting to arrange the permanent exposition that presents the history of Poland. Apart from the exposition area, six storeys of the building (4 over ground and 2 under ground) will house conservatory facilities, laboratories, museum storage, educational centre as well as offices and social rooms for the employees. The museum will also have a cinema room, library, restaurant and café. The monolithic reinforced concrete structure of the building will be decorated with a stone façade and a glazed main entrance. As Piotr Gliński, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, emphasized the museum is “probably the largest Polish investment related to the culture, possibly of all times, likely comparable to the Great Theatre – National Opera”. The works will end in February 2021. The seat of the Polish History Museum was designed by Warsaw-based WXCA Sp. z o.o. office. The building of the Polish Army Museum will also be constructed at the Citadel. 


Investment in figures:

Permanent exhibition area: 7 thousand sq. m

Temporary exhibition area: 1.5 thousand sq. m

Auditorium: for approx. 600 spectators

Cinema room: for approx. 150 spectators

Total area of the building: over 54 thousand sq. m

Overground area: 32 thousand sq. m

Underground area: 22 thousand sq. m