Budimex tests innovative lighting

News date: August 9, 2018
Budimex tests innovative lighting

In January this year, Budimex announced the “Budimex innovations” project, dedicated to start-ups. Now, the company is presenting its first results - an intelligent lighting proof of concept executed in co-operation with Optical Electronics.


The result of which has exceeded all expectations


The intelligent light fixtures designed and produced by the start-up company were subject to tests. The purpose of the project was to confirm the energy efficiency of the solution – innovative sensors thanks to which natural lighting is maximally used in an office. The tests took place in the Budimex headquarters in Warsaw and lasted two months.


All lamps used the same LED technology, had the same light temperature and had power supplies of identical power output. Half of them were equipped with the OptiMo system of sensors. The installed modules allowed for autonomous work of every fixture and fluent adaptation of the amounts of emitted light to the selected and most preferred number of luxes – depending on the lighting conditions in the room and the detection of movement.


The result of the measurements has exceeded all expectations. The lamps without sensors used about 228.94 kWh of energy and these with sensors used as little as 66.89 kWh. The usage of the innovative sensors in the light fixtures brought energy savings, and thus cost reduction, by as much as 70%!


Work in a whole new light


Intelligent lighting is not only about economics. The working conditions in offices, where people usually spend 1/3 of their time, are very important. Lighting is one of the factors which have a significant impact on the mood, comfort and health of the people working there for a few hours every day. Thus, the opinions of the employees participating in creating the proof of concept of the intelligent lighting were very important.


“Because of the fact that I wear corrective glasses and work at a computer, my eyes are particularly sensitive to artificial light. After changing the lighting to the intelligent system, I literally see the difference,” says Emilia, a recruitment specialist. “The lighting in the office changes depending on the strength of natural light, and dims when there is nobody at the desk, and it also reminds me that I have been working without moving for too long. My eyes do not get tired so much as in the previous, normal light. For sure, the comfort of work is higher,” she adds.


Co-operation with start-ups


Optical Electronics got into the "Budimex innovations" project thanks to the acceleration programme KPT ScaleUp led by Kraków Technology Park.


The proof of concept developed with Budimex allowed for the evaluation of the lighting efficiency of OptiMo modules in real office conditions. The method of remote illuminance measurement developed by Optical Electronics has been submitted to the Polish Patent Office.