Budimex starts work on the construction of the D1/D4 motorway junction in Slovakia

News date: November 29, 2022
Budimex starts work on the construction of the D1/D4 motorway junction in Slovakia

On Monday 28 November 2022, Slovak road authority ‘Národná diaľničná spoločnost' (NDS) and Budimex SA signed a contract for the construction of the 3.6 km long D1 Bratislava-Triblavina motorway. Preparatory work for the construction begins on 1 December 2022. This is Budimex's first investment contract in Slovakia and the fourth one in foreign markets (the other three take place in Germany).


The aim of the work is to reconstruct the motorway and other related facilities. This means the full extension of the D1 motorway, including the replacement of the road structure on the section from Vajnor to Triblavina junction and the construction of 19 bridges. The reconstruction of the D1 road is necessary to ensure communication with the D4 motorway.


President and CEO of NDS, Vladimír Jacko, specified that he would be keen to make the construction of this part of the motorway an example of how infrastructure should be built. 'I give my word that NDS will work closely during the preparatory work and construction to ensure that it is all completed on schedule and with a high level of quality,' he said.


The design-and-build construction includes the construction of junction collectors between the Vajnory intersection and the Ivanka junction, coordination with the D4 motorway and replacement of the carriageway in the MÚK Triblavina area, as well as the completion of the IT system. Coordination with the D4 motorway means aligning with the already existing sections of the Ivanka Sever D4 junction branches, which requires modifications in the construction of detours and the completion of some of the D4 motorway facilities leading under the D1, including obtaining the necessary permits.


‘This is a very important contract for us - one of the key road investments in Slovakia and at the same time a reference site for our future infrastructure activities in Slovakia. We have extensive experience in the construction of roads and motorway interchanges in Poland - we will use it to successfully complete the construction of the interchange for NDS,’ says Artur Pielech, Member of the Management Board at Budimex SA.


The execution of the task must take place with adequate permanent traffic continuity.


“I can assure you that we will do everything to maintain the smoothest traffic flow through the junction. We want to ensure that drivers travelling to Slovakia every day feel the effects of the construction work as little as possible,’ says Igor Sedláček, D1/D4 Contract Director at Budimex.


The project includes the construction of 19 engineering structures, of which the two longest are located where the junction crosses the motorway, each 138 metres long. The value of the tender is EUR 110,850,000 net. Budimex starts the design work immediately after signing the contract. The contractor also has 3 years from the conclusion of the contract to complete the works. The road will be covered by a 5-year warranty period.


The first step is the implementation of the project to obtain the necessary construction permits, the next one is the transfer of traffic from the D1 motorway and the opening of the direction from D4 to D1 (Jarovce - Trnava) and the direction of D1 to D4 (Trnava - Stupava). As the next milestone, the opposite direction from D1 to D4 is to be connected. The total construction period is set at 1,100 days.


Budimex is one of the largest construction groups in Poland, with more than fifty years of tradition and a proven track record of delivering infrastructure projects on the Polish as well as the European market. This is the first contract won by Budimex in Slovakia since entering this market in 2021.