Budimex signs a contract for the construction of the S17 Piaski - Hrebenne expressway

News date: November 30, 2022
Budimex signs a contract for the construction of the S17 Piaski - Hrebenne expressway

Budimex signed a contract with the Lublin branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways for the design and construction of the S17 Tomaszów Lubelski - Hrebenne section.


The subject of the contract is the design and construction of the S17 expressway located in the Lublin Voivodeship, in Tomaszów Lubelski poviat, and Tomaszów Lubelski, Bełżec and Lubycza Królewska gminas.


The work is due to begin behind the Tomaszów Lubelski Południe junction, where the route crosses the existing national road and runs along its western side. It will bypass Lubycza Królewska and continue along the corridor of the current DK17. The end of the section is scheduled for incorporation into the existing Hrebenne bypass.


The project includes:

  • construction of an expressway with a length of approx. 17.3 km,
  • road junction - ‘Bełżec’ enabling communication with road no. 17,
  • construction of additional carriageways located in the expressway lane,
  • construction and reconstruction of infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists,
  • hardening of the area for maintenance purposes,
  • engineering structures within the expressway and within the roads intersecting with the expressway,
  • land drainage system,
  • environmental protection equipment, including: noise barriers, animal crossings, ecological culverts, greenery, fencing of the expressway, and light barriers,
  • infrastructure for facilities along the expressway, including: power supply and lighting networks, water supply networks, sewage treatment networks and facilities, rainwater drainage system with pre-treatment facilities, and others,
  • reconstruction of colliding equipment and networks of the existing underground and above-ground infrastructure,
  • demolition of buildings and structures, demolition of road elements, culverts and others,
  • tele-technical network,
  • road lighting,
  • traffic organisation,
  • traffic management system,
  • relocation or reconstruction of the river and watercourse beds.


Engineering structures:

  • Viaduct along the expressway - 7 structures
  • Viaduct over the expressway - 2 structures
  • Ecological crossings - for large animals over the top - 3 structures
  • Ecological crossings - for medium-sized animals - 2 structures


Investment value: PLN 598,268,790 gross (PLN 486,397,390 gross)

Execution time: 36 months, not including winters occurring during the works

Work commencement date: from the day of signing the contract

Completion date: July 2026.