Budimex SA and Ferrovial Agroman SA begin road works on Trasa Łagiewnicka in Cracow

News date: July 20, 2018
Budimex SA and Ferrovial Agroman SA begin road works on Trasa Łagiewnicka in Cracow

The consortium of Budimex SA (the leader with 95% share) and Ferrovial Agroman SA (the partner with 5% share) have begun road works in the construction of Trasa Łagiewnicka.


The construction cost of the entire Trasa Łagiewnicka, including the arterial road, tunnels, two-level crossings, construction of two bridges, remodelling the Wilga riverbed, is approx. PLN 652.2 million net (PLN 802.2 million gross).


The task has been divided into several stages. The entire project is to be completed by 31 December 2020.


It has been assumed that the main arterial road will have two roadways with two lanes each way. Meanwhile, in sections between junctions, where bus transport is planned, an additional lane will be added, dedicated exclusively to collective transport.


The undertaking involves digging three tunnels with a total length of approx. half a kilometre, building two-level crossings, a new integrated railway, tram and bus stop with a passenger service centre, building an overpass for pedestrians and cyclists, building two bridges, including a railway bridge, redeveloping the Wilga riverbed as well as building bus stops, pavements, bike paths and acoustic baffles.


The construction of Trasa Łagiewnicka is one of Cracow’s key projects to be implemented in the nearest years. The arterial road, together with Pychowicka and Zwierzyniecka routes planned in the future, is to form the third ring-road of Cracow, linking the southern and northern parts of the city. According to the authorities of Cracow, this is a key project for improving traffic between the districts of Cracow, including in the scope of reducing traffic congestion on Aleje Trzech Wieszczów and calming traffic in the districts of Zwierzyniec and Krowodrza.