Budimex's Hello ICE programme is back in a new version

News date: February 20, 2023
Budimex's Hello ICE programme is back in a new version

The third edition of Hello ICE, Budimex’s proprietary programme that teaches children road safety rules through play, has been launched. The aim of the project is to increase the knowledge of primary school and preschool children about behaviour while walking across pedestrian crossings, among other things. The first day of educational activities took place in Ziębice with the participation of the local cultural centre and representatives of the police and voluntary fire brigade. The Hello ICE programme has received the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism for 2023-2024.


As a responsible general contractor, Budimex supports local communities and educates the youngest about safety. This year, in connection with the construction of a sports and entertainment hall in Ziębice (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship), Budimex conducted a Hello ICE campaign aimed at local schools. A key element of the programme is Safety Days, which promotes appropriate road behaviour among children and teaches first aid skills.


The first Safety Day of the third edition of Hello ICE took place in early February this year. Children from grades 1-3 from two local schools met with Budimex employees and staff from the Ziębice Cultural Centre. Pupils had the opportunity to learn basic traffic rules and how to use a bike on the streets.


- At Budimex, safe work is a priority, so we want to go one step further in this respect. As a socially responsible company, we support educational campaigns that address the topic of safety even beyond the construction site. One expression of this is the Hello ICE programme, says Wojciech Lesisz, Commercial Director at Budimex.


An important change in the third edition of Hello ICE is the expansion of topics regarding safety. With the increase in demand for micromobility solutions, the number of risks has increased at the same time, especially regarding children.


- The Hello ICE programme is evolving together with the needs and challenges that await the youngest, so from the beginning of 2023, in addition to road safety, we are also focusing on the topic of micromobility. This is Hello ICE's new aim: to educate the youngest on how to ride safely on rollerblades, scooters or bicycles, said Martyna Wróbel, Director of Communications and PR, Budimex SA.


During the Safety Day in Ziębice, there were presentations by Budimex employees regarding safety on construction sites and training by representatives of the police and voluntary fire brigade. The children also received reflective ICE (In Case of Emergency) cards, with space to write their parent’s or legal guardian’s details, which can be helpful if a child goes missing or is involved in an accident. The workshop also included collective face painting and games.


Budimex Hello ICE meetings are organised in collaboration with schools across the country. The mascot of the programme is the friendly tiger Budi, who travels all over Poland to teach and entertain children.


The construction of a sports and performance hall in Ziębice has been the biggest and most eagerly awaited investment in the municipality for many years. It is to enable sports competitions in such disciplines as volleyball, basketball and handball. In addition, the hall will be used for training purposes, as well as the organisation of concerts and other artistic events.