Budimex joins #donotsack campaign and seeks new employees

News date: May 6, 2020
Budimex joins #donotsack campaign and seeks new employees

Budimex has joined the ranks of companies that boldly proclaim: “Do not sack!” Poland’s largest general building contractor, which currently employs over 7,500 people, is the first big company to join the #donotsack campaign. The campaign’s initiators and organisers are the Business Centre Club and Homejob – a work portal with remote and flexible job offers.


The #donotsack programme requires any company that joins it to declare that, should any cost cuts be necessary due to the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis, then it is other expenses rather than the employment-related ones that will be reduced first. This is meant to enable companies to retain as many positions as possible.


“We have joined this campaign to promote and support activities aimed at safeguarding jobs. The unexpected labour market changes encouraged us to approach our employees with even greater care. Clients, employees, and employee candidates all perceive Budimex as a stable and reliable contractor and employer,” said Cezary Mączka, Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Administration & Communication at Budimex S.A.


“Budimex hired more than 100 people in the first quarter of this year alone. Provided that all construction contracts are implemented the under current conditions, our plan for this year is to hire over 500 people. We pay the utmost attention to fulfilling our contracts and we care about their impact on the organisation’s stability. Although the current pandemic has not affected our activities yet, we closely monitor the situation and are introducing new, flexible measures in response to any emerging changes. We have been lucky so far – we can still work at full capacity and fulfil all our obligations,” said Cezary Mączka.

As of today, Budimex has 36 positions available, including ones for road and track foremen, project documentation engineers and electrical works managers. In addition, anyone can visit polecambudimex.pl to recommend friends having the necessary skill sets.

Employers that have joined the campaign so far: Budimex, ANG Cooperative, Media Scope Group, Skin Vitale, Galster Fruit Producer Group, Yellows, Decerto, Practum Consulting and Miludek Development Support Centre.

Campaign supporters: Polish HR Association, Business Centre Club, Diversity Charter coordinated by the Responsible Business Forum, Global Compact Network Poland, CR Navigator, Better, Social Impact Alliance for Central & Eastern Europe, Admind

Learn more about the initiative:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Niezwalniajmy/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/#Niezwalniajmy/