Budimex has completed another 10 km of the S6 expressway

News date: December 21, 2022
Budimex has completed another 10 km of the S6 expressway

A part of the S6 expressway that connects Słupsk and Gdańsk consists of three implementation sections with a total length of almost 41 km: Boże Pole – Luzino, Luzino – Szemud and Szemud – Gdynia Wielki Kack. As part of the project, Budimex built the middle section, including, among other things, a dual carriageway of more than 10 km. Additionally, 10 km of access roads, local streets and exits to area service adjacent to Trasa Kaszubska (Kashubian Route) were built. Access to the S6 is provided by the Szemud junction built at the intersection with the provincial road No. 224.


The project involved the construction of 13 engineering structures – 2 bridges, 9 viaducts, a crossing for small animals and 1 flyover – the largest on the entire 40-kilometre stretch with a height of 30 metres and a length of 200 metres, constructed using cantilever technology. A facility was built over a valley near Milwino.


The construction of the S6 route is an important change for road traffic in the entire Tricity agglomeration, which will relieve congestion on, among others, the existing national road and the main traffic routes, says Contract Director Piotr Sumiła. The project was complicated due to the hilly terrain and waterlogged ground, which required special ground reinforcement and hydraulic engineering works, adds Sumiła.


Around 300 workers and subcontractors worked on the construction of this section of the S6 every day. The gross value of the contract is PLN 335.8 million. The work on the project in the “Design and Build system” started in mid-2018 and was completed in early 2022. The ordering party is the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Gdańsk.