Budimex employees at Ełk station helped a local charity organisation

News date: December 5, 2022
Budimex employees at Ełk station helped a local charity organisation

Budimex employees executing a railway contract in Ełk helped the local community and renovated the roof of the building of a charity organisation – the Occupational Therapy Workshop at the Catholic Association of the Disabled of the Ełk Diocese. As further support, the contract will also organise a Christmas Fair at Budimex’s office.


The Occupational Therapy Workshop building in Ełk has been protected from the cold and rain – Budimex volunteers have reinforced the roof, including replacing the covering. The Occupational Therapy Workshop building is situated next to the Ełk Railway Station – hence the general contractor's high level of involvement in the life of the local charitable institution.


The organisation spend their time at the Occupational Therapy Workshop doing art, ceramics, modelling and technical work, as well as taking part in rehabilitation and music-theatre classes. Therefore, as part of further cooperation, on 15 December this year, Budimex will organise a Christmas Fair, during which all the works of the foundation's members will be available for purchase.


The event will be public, and people who want to support the Occupational Therapy Workshop are welcome at the Budimex construction office at 24 Armii Krajowej Street from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Money collected during the fair will be used to purchase more art supplies at the Occupational Therapy Workshop – says Mikołaj Waśniewski, Budimex Contract Director.


Modernisation of the Ełk railway station is 40 per cent finished. The scope of the investment includes the reconstruction of railway tracks with a total length of 38.3 km (including 3.8 as an option) together with track bed and drainage and Railway Control Equipment at the Ełk Passenger and Ełk Freight stations; the construction of 118 turnouts (including 2 as an option); the construction of 5 platforms (including 2 as an option); a total of 2,600m of platform edges (400m as an option) adapted to the needs of the disabled, together with full infrastructure; reconstruction of the overhead line, as well as of the network and lines with railway power equipment; and construction of a control room building at Ełk station with new equipment. On average, around 140 units of equipment and nearly 400 people work on the site every day. The net contract value comes to PLN 587 million.