Budimex contract for Rzeszowskie Centrum Komunikacyjne and the PKP main railway station

News date: February 9, 2021
Budimex contract for Rzeszowskie Centrum Komunikacyjne and the PKP main railway station

Budimex has signed an agreement with the City of Rzeszów and PKP SA at the Ministry of State Assets for the modification of the transport network as part of the construction of the Rzeszów Communication Centre and the redevelopment of the Rzeszów Główny railway station building. The contracts are worth nearly PLN 74 million.


Rzeszów Communication Centre is one of the largest investments in Rzeszów. “Budimex is highly experienced in the execution of this type of project, and we are pleased to be able to carry out construction works so important for the city, which will significantly improve the transport capacity of the entire agglomeration,” says Artur Popko, Vice-President of the Management Board and Budimex’s Chief Operating Officer.


The agreement signed at the beginning of February includes two projects. As part of the first project, “Zaprojektowanie i budowa Rzeszowskiego Centrum Komunikacyjnego” (“Design and Construction of the Rzeszów Communication Centre”), under the “design and build” formula, Budimex will undertake the construction of a single-storey underground car park with 110 spaces and the station square. The following will be constructed: passageways for cars and pedestrians, entrances and exits to the car park, bus stops and bus shelters, as well as elements related to the construction of an intelligent video surveillance system and a parking system, ultimately connected to the Surveillance Centre of the Rzeszów Transport Centre. Construction works are to commence at the beginning of 2022.


Budimex will also be responsible for the redevelopment of the transport network from ul. Grottgera and Asnyka to ul. Bardowskiego. “The contract includes the design and redevelopment of the bus loop, the delivery and installation of three new bus shelters, the design and construction of bus parking spaces along ul. Bardowskiego and the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of ul. A. Asnyka and ul. Grottgera,” adds Popko.


Budimex will also rebuild the main railway station, modifying the function of certain rooms, renovating the whole structure and introducing structural changes inside the station. “In accordance with the recommendations of the monuments conservator, we will retain the present shape of the station and restore the modernist architecture of the façade. An interesting and challenging task will be the restoration, based on archival photographs, of the corner clock and the inscription ‘Rzeszów Główny’ on the end wall of segment A,” says Artur Popko. The general contractor will also deal with the restoration of the form of the original entrance portals on the platform side, the square next to the station, as well as the extension of the underground part of the building by the entrance hall (on level -1), which will connect the tunnel under the platforms, the station and the newly-built underground car park. The modernization of the station will be carried out by Budimex under a design and build system. The value of both contracts is nearly PLN 74 million. The completion of all works is planned for the end of August 2023.


Rzeszów Communication Centre is another investment of this type implemented by Budimex. In 2019, the general contractor completed the construction of the Communication Centre in Kielce – a modern and functional transport hub serving urban, long-distance and international communication. The investment was nominated in January of this year for the most important European architectural award, the Mies van der Rohe Award. Budimex’s portfolio includes the construction of the Sądowa transfer centre in Katowice, as well as works on the modernisation of railway stations, including those in Białystok and Wrocław. At the end of 2020 the general contractor also signed an agreement for the construction of the metropolitan railway station in Lublin.