Budimex connected banks of the Wisłoka River

News date: January 15, 2020
Budimex connected banks of the Wisłoka River

Works on the section of the DW936 provincial road, being part of the ring road of Mielec, are coming to an end. One of the completed elements performed within the project is a bridge across the Wisłoka River. The gross value of the contract is PLN 39 million. Drivers will be able to use the new section connecting Chorzelów and Rzędzianowice in April 2020.


The investment, implemented under the “design and build” system, was commenced in May 2017. Works have been carried out pursuant to the adopted schedule despite difficulties which include, for example, last year’s flood. Currently, Budimex has finished construction works on the bridge connecting the banks of the Wisłoka River. The new bridge is 550 metres long and is based on 11 supports. Finishing works and clean-up of the area are being carried out. The 2.5-kilometre section of the road connecting Chorzelów and Rzędzianowice is almost completed. The investment also includes the performance of junctions, roundabouts and intersection with traffic lights. Ultimately, the new road will be a part of the Northern ring road of Mielec, facilitating travel from the Western part of the district to the town and the Special Economic Zone, also affecting safety, and reducing the travel time.


The major part of surface works on the roads and bridge was finished in 2019. Currently, we are performing finishing works, which include fittings, the assembly of the pavement surface, railing and reinforcements. Upon the installation of road safety equipment, such as barriers and markings, our works will be finished. The April deadline for the road completion is not at risk”, says Jarosław Jachymek, the Contract Director.


The investment is carried out by the Infrastructure Construction Division of Budimex SA.