Budimex and Warsaw University of Technology join forces

News date: May 17, 2017
Budimex and Warsaw University of Technology join forces

Budimex and Warsaw University of Technology signed an agreement enabling them to develop innovation capacity of the company and the university by running joint research projects in the field of modern technologies and solutions.


The agreement was signed on 15 may this year by prof. Jan Szmidt, PhD. Eng. - rector of the Warsaw University of Technology and Dariusz Blocher - President of the Management Board and CEO of Budimex SA.


Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology emphasised that the university had all the capacities required to support Budimex in the quest for innovative solutions. He was also pleased that the cooperation would be of interdisciplinary nature, incorporating specialities from individual faculties of WUT, including the coordinator of activities - the Faculty of Civil Engineering, which was represented at the meeting by the dean - prof. Andrzej Garbacz, PhD. Eng. - We live in a time of profound changes. There is a need and willingness to implement innovations in construction industry, for it is a huge market. Just a few years ago we used to perceive innovation mainly in the area of new materials or constructions. Now, developments in the industry, influenced by progressing digitalisation of the world, make us face unprecedented challenges - stated prof. Jan Szmidt.


President of Budimex was satisfied with the established cooperation - I am very glad that the biggest construction company in Poland will have the opportunity to cooperate with the leading university of technology in our country - he said. He also added that Budimex was looking for its own idea for innovativeness. Modern solutions are mainly targeted at supporting the company’s achievement of business objectives and at increasing its competitiveness. President Blocher also stressed that Budimex was not merely a construction company.


- I think that the University of Technology will be a perfect source of inspiration and fresh ideas for Budimex, which we will try to commercialise. The market has increasingly growing expectations of us. We have to look for new solutions in order to build better and more effectively. A simple cost-cutting is no longer enough to offer the lowest price in a tender. We are looking for innovative solutions not only in construction industry but also in infrastructure and building management as well as in logistics, where we also notice areas for cooperation with the university. - summarised President Blocher.