Another secure pedestrian crossing from Budimex

News date: September 16, 2021
Another secure pedestrian crossing from Budimex

To celebrate the beginning of the school year, Budimex continues its pilot project of painting 3D lanes. Another three-dimensional pedestrian crossing was created in Boguszów-Gorce, as part of the Hello ICE programme – Budimex programme for children. It is the sixth city in Poland, after Bartoszyce, Lesznowola, Miechów, Sanok and Częstochowa, to test this increasingly popular solution.


“Three-dimensional pedestrian crossings enjoy considerable interest among cities and local governments, so in response to their expectations, we decided to continue the project in the new school year. It is an important part of Budimex’s efforts to raise awareness of safety, among both pedestrians and drivers”, said Aldona Orłowski, Director of the Recruitment, Development and Communication Department at Budimex SA. “The Hello ICE programme is an initiative that we are really proud of. We believe that every solution that could improve road safety is worth testing in practice”, she added.


3D crossings are an unusual and rare solution, not only in Poland, but also worldwide. Due to an optical illusion, they appear as an obstacle, which encourages drivers to take their foot off the gas. So far, the solution has been tested, among others, in the capital of India, where it was shown that the average speed of vehicles approaching 3D crossings was as much as 40% lower than in the case of “standard” crossings. Three-dimensional “zebras” have been created in recent years in Iceland, London, China and France, among others. Interestingly, the crossings attract not only the drivers’ attention, but also the pedestrians’. It should be noted that they also offer an interesting opportunity to talk to children about what can happen on the road.


3D crossings are not everything


Painting 3D crossings is not the only part of the Hello ICE programme. An important element of it are events aimed at raising awareness of road safety. Therefore, apart from 3D crossings, Budimex also organised a Safety Day at Primary School No. 6 in Boguszów Gorce. The organisers, led by Budi the Tiger (the mascot of the programme), safely led the pupils along the new lanes and conducted classes on road safety. Besides expanding knowledge and raising awareness, fun is equally important, which is why the Hello ICE team also conducted a road simulation in a specially prepared safety town. The children were given reflectors and ICE (In Case of Emergency) cards, with space for parent or guardian details.


“On behalf of myself, the Mayor, and the citizens of Boguszów-Gorce, I would like to thank Budimex massively for the whole project. The event was exceptional, and for the pupils of Primary School No. 6, it was a brilliant lesson on the important topic that is road safety. We very much hope that other towns will follow, and that this innovative project will become something really great”, says Michał Foryś, Boguszów-Gorce town councillor.


The Hello ICE programme also includes an interactive map of dangerous places around schools and kindergartens, created by Budimex. The essence of this solution is to eliminate dangers at critical points as quickly as possible, in cooperation with local authorities. Ready-to-use lesson plans focussed on the subject of safety are published on the website of the program.


Hello ICE is a socio-educational programme aimed at kindergartens and classes I-III of primary schools, designed to educate children on road safety. Hello ICE was awarded with the honorary patronage of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Minister of National Education. Education of the youngest should not take place at school only. You can contribute to the improvement of safety by marking dangerous places on the Hello ICE programme website at www.helloice.pl.