Marki Educational and Recreation Centre receives Sports Facility of 2019 Award!

The Marki Educational and Recreation Centre (Mareckie Centrum Edukacyjno-Rekreacyjne – MCER), constructed by Budimex, was awarded the title of ‘Sports Facility of 2019’ by Klub Sportowej Polski. The latter encompasses 991 different entities, including local government authorities, construction companies as well as sports and educational associations. This is the third industry award won by this facility. Prior to this, MCER also won the PLGBC Awards 2012 facility design award and the Green Laurel of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Lidl Logistics Centre takes the CIJ Award

Lidl Logistics Centre in Kałuszyn, constructed by Budimex in 2018, received the prestigious CIJ Award in the Leading Green Warehouse Development category.

Budimex plants 200 trees in Bialystok

On October 30, as part of the 'Drzewo za ankietę' ('Tree for Survey') campaign, volunteers from Budimex planted 200 trees in the Białystok forest.

Hello ICE Safety Day organized in the Primary School in Warsaw

The students from the school in Wawer in Warsaw took part in the Safety Day, as part of the new edition of Hello ICE, an educational and social program run by Budimex.

September 26, 2019 Hello ICE in Puławy
Hello ICE in Puławy

Budi Tiger – a mascot of the Hello ICE social program hits the road to travel around Poland. Puławy was the host of the first Safety Day for students!

September 25, 2019 New Parent Zone in Kraków
New Parent Zone in Kraków

On 25 September, the 31st Parent Zone was opened in John Paul II Specialist Hospital in Kraków. The Department of Paediatrics and Children’s Neurology now features a kitchenette with a relaxation zone for parents
and a sensory play room.

#Ideathon helps people with disabilities in the job market

Budimex employees took part in #Ideathon that aims at helping people with disabilities in the job market. It is the first social project of this type in Poland and an innovative example of skills-based volunteering.

Budimex SA put Trasa Niepodległości in Białystok into operation

Budimex SA, together with the City Hall of Białystok, the investor, officially opened Trasa Niepodległości [Independence Route], the western ring road of the capital of the Podlasie region, on 28th August. Drivers can already use the modified Aleja Niepodległości and Aleja Paderewskiego which are now two-roadway streets running in an excavation with two lanes for each direction of traffic, two-lane cycling routes, and new pavements.

August 27, 2019 Budimex plants trees
Budimex plants trees

Budimex has launched a campaign encouraging all of its stakeholders to share their opinions about the company’s integrated report. It promises to plant a tree for every survey filled out.

Let’s keep our children safe on the road. Join us and help mark the most dangerous places!

A map of dangerous areas, safety lessons and reflective ICE (In Case of Emergency) cards for primary school children – will all be provided by Budimex as part of the Hello ICE programme.

Budimex SA awarded as part of the “Budowa Roku 2018” competition

Budimex SA won the award in the competition 'Construction Project of the Year' for the multi-functional combination of the Nuctech factory in Kobyłka. Distinction awarded in the category "industrial and production facilities".

Strabag-Budimex-Budpol consortium commences work on section of A1 – Częstochowa ring road

On 24.07.2019, an agreement was concluded between a consortium composed of the members: STRABAG Infrastruktura Południe Sp. z o.o. (Leader 45%), Budimex S.A. (Partner 45%), Budpol Sp. z o.o. (10% Partner) and the General Director for National Roads and Motorways, Katowice Branch, for "Continuation of works related to the construction of A1 motorway between Rząsawa junction and Blachownia junction within the scope of security works".

Modernisation of LCS Kutno on the E-20 railway line completed before the deadline

The consortium of ZUE - Budimex - Strabag companies completed the modernisation of LCS Kutno (Żychlin - Barłogi section) on the E-20 railway line 8 days before the deadline. The scope of activities of Budimex SA included work at the Zamków level junction, the Barłogi station and the Barłogi - LCS Kutno border route.

The appointment of the Vice President of the Management Board of Budimex S.A.

The Supervisory Board of Budimex S.A., at the request of the president of the Management Board of Budimex S.A., appointed Mr. Artur Popko, previously holding the position of member of the Management Board, as the Vice President of the Management Board of Budimex S.A. - Chief Operating Officer.

The 30th anniversary Parent Zone is already opened!

"The Parent Zone. Budimex for Children” is a nationwide social program whose aim is to provide the sick children and their carers with a comfortable and aesthetic place to spend time together.

Budimex awarded with the prize of Industrial Leader for Polish Entrepreneurs 2018

On 11th June, Dariusz Blocher, on behalf of the company, received the prize of Industrial Leader for Polish Entrepreneurs 2018 by Gazeta Polska Codziennie, from Jerzy Kwieciński, the Minister of Investment and Economic Development. It is the 6th edition of this competition – Budimex is one of only six companies awarded with this prize, among, for example, KGHM Miedź and Rafako S.A.

Budimex has received the "Benefactor of the Year 2019" award ("Dobroczyńca Roku 2019")

Budimex has won the 22nd edition of the "Benefactor of the Year" competition in the "Education - Large Company" category. The Competition Jury awarded the company for the cooperation with the Trzy czte ry! foundation. As part of this cooperation, the first forest school in Poland, the “Puszczyk” Forest School, was opened near Białystok.

The 6th Safety Week in Construction starts on May 13-19

This is the sixth edition of the national campaign aimed at improving safety at construction sites in Poland. The number of accidents in construction has been systematically decreasing. The VI Safety Week will take place from 13 to 19 May at several hundred construction sites in Poland belonging to the signatories of the Agreement for Safety in Construction.     This is the largest initiative in Poland aimed at improving safety at domestic construction sites. The Main Labour Inspector has assumed auspices over the campaign. This is the sixth consecutive year that the Agreement for Safety in Construction, established by the largest general contractors operating in Poland, is organising the “Safety Week”.  Every year, the scale of the event is enormous - last year alone it involved almost 40,000 employees at several hundred locations.