.BIG office building in Kraków takes the title “Construction Project of the Year 2019” (1st degree award)

.BIG office building in Kraków takes the title “Construction Project of the Year 2019” (1st degree award)

The .BIG office building is a modern and environmentally friendly facility, distinguished by its energy efficiency and its BREEAM certification, which means that at both the project and execution levels the investment was subject to strict assessment in terms of its environmental impact. The building is equipped with light intensity sensors, which automatically adjust lighting intensity according to the time of day and cloudiness. In the connecting parts and sanitary rooms, presence sensors are used to automatically turn on or off the lighting.

Windows are equipped with reed switches that shut off the air conditioning in a zone where a window has been opened. As part of the HVAC system, chillers with the Free Cooling system are used to bypass the compressor circuit in favourable weather conditions so as to reduce the demand for electricity. In addition, the four-pipe heat and cooling distribution system in the office parts enables independent heating and cooling control of each unit to minimise the operating costs. The heating and cooling systems have been designed with a strong emphasis on the quality of their thermal insulation, and all air handling units are equipped with a high-performance heat recovery system (with rotary exchangers).

Special arrangements have been included for four floors, all in accordance with the requirements of the bank, which is the tenant. Numerous individual solutions have been introduced, including anti-terrorist protection measures and a system of mobile water dams. The garage has 125 parking spaces and safety locks, while on the ground floor are a set of sanitary and cloakroom rooms for cyclists. Each floor has a separate server room and a kitchen, and the top floor is additionally equipped with a canteen, conference rooms and staff lounges.


The development area is 2511.70 m2, the usable area is 15,461.66 m2, and the cubic capacity is 73,392.92 m3. All the works were completed within 21 months.